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a re-homing situation came to my wife’s attention, so we ended up with a 18 week old chocolate lab. Hawk (her chew toy) is not pleased, although they did have a nice time off leash yesterday. View attachment 108119
Did you get soaked when they finished playing in the water?! I'm picturing two big shakes!
Did you get soaked when they finished playing in the water?! I'm picturing two big shakes!
Oh yeah, especially when I had to hose them down before coming in the house. I know going in that I'm going to be wet and muddy :)

Labs are fun goof dogs. Gotta love em!
Absolutely! I'm amazed by how smart they are. Also, I'm amazed by how dumb they are :)
A cold March evening on the mesa

Not being a dog owner, I really do think my relationship with my friend's dog is like "the fun uncle". I just take her places, hike with her and give her treats.
She gets mad when my friend drives by my house and does not stop. Kinda creepy cuz, one time I looked out and he was just stopping for a minute outside my house and then drove off.

she is standing in this pic, saying "You SOB, all you threw in the snow out here was another D. snowball!" (she has cussing problem)
We lost Torrey last month. She would have been 15 years old this month. She'd really slowed down the last two years, and in the last months she was having a difficult time getting up and would sometimes fall down when walking. Then she just wouldn't eat anything and started wasting away. I picked her up in 2007 from the animal shelter in Payson when she was four months old, and she was the best hiking companion I could ever ask for.

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Goodbye good dog. You are missed.
Loa passed away in December, leaving Boulder an only-dog. Yesterday we brought Delta home. She's an eight-week-old American Brittany, and her dad looks uncannily like my first dog, Torrey. Boulder still hasn't warmed up to Delta but I'm sure they'll be best friends soon.


This is Bridger. He backpacks with his owner / dad, Craig (Dorf). I've had the pleasure to backpack with him twice now. He would poke his head under the rain fly each morning to see if I was awake and had treats for him. He's taking a well deserved rest in this pic. IMG_5048.jpg
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