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Jun 25, 2012
OK, the idea for this came from a conversation I had with Dan Ransom in the Members of Backcountrypost thread. I know many of you are dog lovers. Bring on the pictures of your companions! This one is dedicated to our dogs (canids only, not humanoids although both species can be in the picture) who would rather be out a long ways on a trail or on a backpack trip. They don't have to be carrying anything but they should be OUT there. Hopefully nick will dig his picture out of him packing out his dog. :)

Here is my sherpa dog, Merlin, chest deep in the Dirty Devil on a solo (duo?) backpack. He loves the devil. With eyes like this...

Great thread, Art!

Here's my oldest pup, Nikita (I have three). She's about 11 now but only about 4 when this was taken.. back when she was quite sure she could take down a moose.

And she is a sweetheart as all three of them are (although you don't necessarily know that when you walk in your front door for the first time since they are so big and active...) Commenters: it would be fun to have you identify where the picture was taken and the breed too. My sherpa dog Merlin is a rescued border collie and that funky coloration is merle. Nikita?
Ahh good idea, Art. Let me try again.

This one is Nikita along the ridgeline route to Logan Peak back when she was only 3 years old. That's Logan Canyon below and the Naomi Wilderness in the background. Nikita is speculated to be an Akita mix of some sort, maybe with a pit but her personality is very much Akita. The first pic I posted was in the foothills of the Uintas outside of Kamas along Highway 150. A place we dubbed 'dogwood' because it was so fun to take the dogs for downhill runs.

Man, I am going to looooove this thread. One more tonight.

This is my second oldest dog, Patina. She is the offspring of a purebread doberman pinscher and a purebread (and pure white) pit bull. This was at Milk Lake in the Uintas on her first big hike in 2009 which just happened to be 32 miles long. She was not pleased, but as usual, she found the softest, warmest place she could.

Man, I am going to looooove this thread.

You and me both, brother. C'mon people let's see your dogs! Here is my second child, Luna. She is another rescued border collie. My 4th BC but the only real one as far as hyper-athletic, hyper-active, task-centric, anal, handful. Boy do I love her. A very small (runt) collie. She is cooling off in the waters of Saddlehorse canyon in our precious San Rafael Swell after yet another lightning run.

IMG_3143 (1).jpg
Had no idea you were a collie lover Art! I want to find a dude like Merlin to keep Zoe company. This is a good recent one of Zoe from last week's snowstorm. She is crazy athletic and only cares for two things in this world - fetch and fishing. Tons of fun, but at 5 years old I can already tell she is starting to slow down. Not that I'm complaining all that much.

When the snow is deep, gotta throw a frisbee for fetch...


she hates whitewater - red creek rapid on the green.

definitely the most loyal and patient fishing partner alive. she never bores of this...

IMG_0865 by root_family, on Flickr

This is my wife, alene, with our boarder collie/rat terrier mix brother and sister dogs; Dexter (in back, shorter hair) and Debra (in front, longer hair). This is in Ding Canyon in the San Rafael Swell. We don't get them out on as many trips/hikes as I would like because most of the stuff we've been doing is more family-friendly (i.e. state and national parks) and not so much dog-friendly. On the short stuff we have done, they're great hikers and very intuitive in the outdoors. It's our goal to get them out more.

Debra is the bonafide leader of this duo. Dexter can't even think about sniffing his food until Debra gives the go-ahead. Dexter is the most timid dog I've ever met. In fact, we think he might seriously have some mental retardation. Does anyone that knows more about dogs than I do, know if this can happen in the Canine world? He just doesn't seem very bright, is scared/timid/cautious of EVERYONE (including us), and is the polar-opposit of his sister. Deb is outgoing, loving, strong-willed, SMART, etc.
Our boy Noah, in the La Sals back in 2007 when he was still in his prime.


And again in the exact same spot in the La Sals this past August, at 10 years old.


Poor guy can't walk much anymore. Hips have gone too bad for him. He's been my constant companion on my daily 4 mile exercize walks for years and still goes nuts every day when it's time, but we only go about a mile anymore, and very slowly at that. Breaks my heart...

Dexter is the most timid dog I've ever met. In fact, we think he might seriously have some mental retardation. Does anyone that knows more about dogs than I do, know if this can happen in the Canine world? He just doesn't seem very bright, is scared/timid/cautious of EVERYONE (including us), and is the polar-opposit of his sister. Deb is outgoing, loving, strong-willed, SMART, etc.
it seems especially common with collies, they can be very neurotic. and depending on how they were conditioned in the litter, i wouldn't say it surprises at all to have one be very timid or socially stunted. zoe has some of those characteristics too - though she has warmed up as she gets older to strangers.
Great thread and most excellent pictures all! Here's my contribution, Rudy is my 1-1/2 year old Newfoundland.

This was our first camping trip October last year when Rudy was but a wee lad...

Hiking in the foothills above Boise...

Hanging out in the Sawtooths this past summer...
Ahh.. and finally one of all three of my pups at Allsop Lake in August 2010.
From left: Nikita, Teak and Patina.

What a gang nick! With their packs on you could rent them out as a dog-pack string - kind of like those llama-pack strings you see in the Windies....
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