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Jan 17, 2012


Oct 30, 2016
Pre-dawn at Camp Lake, Rawah Wilderness.



Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
that is pretty slick!

I want that tripod still, or maybe even just the SLIK Sprint Pro... but am under a no purchase agreement with my wife at the moment.

So I am still using this tiny little thing that fits in my camera bag, but I still got this last week in the predawn hours- which are not THAT early during the late fall.
Death Hollow II Oct 20180540-sh-n-small_1.jpg

Which reminds me. Google photos seemed to have "degraded" the quality of photos that are uploaded, even more than before. Before it seemed that except in extremes that they were not really that bad.
This is one from there, which I upload here just because they take a few seconds to upload and I can get to it while traveling.

Anyone else seen the same with Google photos?


Sep 28, 2018
I use a Gitzo Mountaineer Series 1, which is only one pound heavier than the mentioned SLIK, with the Acratech GP-S ballhead. Its max support is 22 lbs. Granted, I've not backpacked with it where that pound may come into play, but for my dayhikes, and even long ones at that (15 miles) I've been quite happy.

You could always do the balance on a rock, bundle your trekking poles together, etc as well.


Formerly Cuberant
Aug 8, 2016
At least bring one of these!

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