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Great idea.

Ham Rock in Arches National park on this trip with Summit.

man, i love all your guys' work. here's mine.. this was actually a hard decision even though I don't have a ton of good sunset shots. I need more...


its definitely not one of my "best" shots in terms of technical, focus and what not, but its one of the best sunsets I've ever seen by far and thus one of my favs. Taken in march 2011 near goblin valley. for those familiar with wild horse canyon...who isn't but still... took this on the hill right next to the out house at the trailhead. Me and my buddies finished our hike just in time to catch this sunset. It was spectacular. oh, and very windy... more than normal..
Are both Benson sunsets the same evening? Those are killer!
No, the first one was in 2007 and the later in 2010.
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