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Something I came across while up in the mountains above Napa. The skeleton was mostly complete and laying a in a small clearing. I saw it from some distance away assumed it was going to be a deer. Anyone recognize what it is?
I can't claim to be able to differentiate subspecies' skeletons from a photo. :)

OK, I'll go with Columbian black tailed deer. Length of neck appears to be very typical of a deer. I can count 6 vertebrae so it's only missing one.

Unless you are thinking it's some exotic species of deer that escaped a ranch or something. Then it's a member of the deer family, most likely.
Did you notice a long tail on the skeleton? When I really zoom in there appears to be sections of a long tail (longer than a deer) but hard to say. If so I’d go with llama/alpaca.
I’d go with llama/alpaca.
We have a winner! It took me a few minutes because I'd never seen a skeleton with that long vertical neck. Then I remembered that that on the other side of the ridge I was on (about 2 miles as the crow flies) there was a ranch with a little herd of llamas. This one must have escaped.
Heres one...... plotting some routes on GE and saw this.......way funny...

Screenshot 2021-12-09 212007.jpg

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