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The lonesome SD-card


In 2017 we hiked up to Diana’s Throne seat. On the gravel part, left above the crack, I’ve found these weathered SD-card. The slider of the lock was broken during the use by me. The plastic was very porous. I put the card in my photo pocket and forgot them.


This week I found the card again. Is she empty or damaged from Weather, etc?

Surprise, Surprise!
The card is working and has pictures from the day after Christmas 2012!
The pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot G11.

3 little girls and a boy has fun around the Christmas tree and outside in the snow. One picture shows a passenger car in burgundy (Nissan Altima) with a license plate of the State of New Hampshire on their property.
A short video shows the kids were dancing to Gangnam style by PSY.

I do not to post pictures of the kids or the car. I have no idea - is that allowed or not.

If somebody knows about the owner. Please let me know it.
Good idea, but I don’t know how. :(

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Maybe when I’m back in States - sometime. Would you pay the ticket then for me??

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I also thought it was photoshopped, but it's the Þrídrangaviti lighthouse in Iceland! But how do they get up there, helicopter? Where do they walk the dog? Are nesting gulls a problem?
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The way they're contemplating that slab, maybe they're looking at their climbing gear and wondering if it'll get them back down. Or did they just edge in along the cliff bands? It would be a bit of a hike.
Whoo boy, I've got a few of these...I'll start with this one. I was foraging for mushrooms up in the hills above Napa. I was off-trail on private property in a very rural part of the County...not somewhere I would expect to see any signs of civilization. I spot a denim jacket from quite a ways away as there's something holding it up in a mound about 15" high.

My initial reaction was "uh-oh, this could be really bad", so I approached with some trepidation. As I got close I could see that the coat was encircled in a stone ring and coins had been scattered on the coat. Relieved to not be seeing any human remains I opened up the coat to see what was holding it up.

What I found was a large rooster that appeared to be missing its head and still relatively fresh. I don't know what kind of weird ritual I stumbled into, but it was creepy. I decided against investigating any further and got the hell out of there!

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