Guess the spot: Utah Edition

Rockland Ranch near Moab.
Despite having spent several months on aggregate in and around Moab, i had never heard that something like this existed over there.

Funny coincidence, yesterday evening there was a talkshow on Dutch TV about a closely related subject.
Several guests, some single, some couples hetero and gay, answered questions about there relationships which they called "open relations, open marriages or poly-amorous relationships".
Here it has nothing to do with any Religion and poly-marriages are illegal anyway.
Hmm, you're on the Moenkopi just above the White Rim; with the Doll's House, Grabens and Needles in the distance...but I don't know of a named point. So I'll just have to guess Murphy Hogback...
John i'm amazed about your knowledge about those layers and how they help you to always make an educated guess about the locations.
The spot is: "top of Murphy's Hogback", next to Campsite A, where we spent the night.
You are up @John Morrow
Thank you, @Henk! I am so captivated by the geology, especially when it comes to reading the layers with regard to locating crosscountry travel passages. This one may go quick with the iconic balanced rock:

I just rooted through photos, there is a balanced rock by Moonhouse but not the above pic. Good guess, though!
Moonhouse hoodoo:26329271840_a583904b5a_o.jpg
lol..... Moonhouse is a long way from Slickhorn
It's not the Barracks.
Wasn't aware of this area, just looked on youtube, very wild countryside!

The stream my wife is driving in is way more East!
Poison springs
Not Poison Springs, more East.
It sure is an interesting place for some members! ;)
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