Guess the spot: Utah Edition


Sep 12, 2014
I don't like to over explain things. I like to keep things simple. I enjoy playing the 'Guess the spot's, quite a lot actually. I've thought before that more spots to guess would be even more fun. And lately i've felt that the games have taken an even greater level of skill than in the past. So my idea is a 'Utah Edition'. More spots to guess, and in a place that i believe more people on here have a greater familiarity. My hope is that more people will then engage in playing. My personal experience with Utah is actually some what limited. If it's a terrible idea, i imagine that it will disappear just like so many other things on the internet.

At the moment i'd propose posting either photos or maps in the same thread, and seeing how it works out.

The original rules, pasted from the original thread:
Simple rules: correctly guess the location of the current photo and when you win, post a new photo for others to guess. Make sure to use the @ tagging feature when someone wins so they don't forget about the thread.

The additional rule: spots must be within the borders of Utah.

Here's a spot to get things started that i believe some one will likely quickly guess.
Shoot, that's what I might've guessed, but I didn't really know : )
Green River near the white rim road?