Guess the Spot: International Edition

vallee blanche

is it mont blanc on the left?
Old Kodachrome from 12500' in February, 1988. I need the name of the 20km off-piste ski run awaiting these folks. If they survive the ridge descent, that is.

Bonus points: Name of rocky pinnacle in the extreme upper right corner?
Or better yet: Prominent mountain at left end of ridge with rocky pinnacle?

Image 6-6-16 at 21.20 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
I don't know but I hope my favorite Wasatch backcountry run never gets that popular :moses:
Welcome to Europe.

Gesendet via iPhone 6S mit TapaTalk
Ben got it.

The skiers have just emerged from the ice tunnel exit near the summit of Aiguille de Midi. A téléphérique from downtown Chamonix took them there in two hauls, the latter of which arguably is one of the more spectacular lifts around.

Mont Blanc, highest point in the Alps, is not visible. It would be to the right quite a ways. The big one on the left Ben is asking about is Aiguille Verte, another giant, and relatively difficult even via the voie normale.

Answers to bonus questions:
Rocky pinnacle is Dent du Geant, a popular low fifth class summit.
And the prominent peak to the left is the incomparable Grandes Jorasses, home to one of the six classic north face routes in the Alps, the Walker Spur.

In my youth I spend a lot of times in these mountains. I even lived in Chamonix for a few seasons.
Correct again. Sounds like you're closing in on it.
^I'm guessing you know where it is.
It is Vancouver, with Mt Baker behind. While Baker is not international, the rest of the photo is. And I like this picture. I believe @River knew the location, if he wants to take a turn. Otherwise it's back to you @Kullaberg63