Guess the Spot: International Edition


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Jun 25, 2012
Just like the original Guess the Spot but for non-United States locations.
Simple rules: correctly guess the location of the current photo and when you win, post a new photo for others to guess. Make sure to use the @ tagging feature when someone wins so they don't forget about the thread.

Alright, since you broke the ice..

Guess the town barely visible, or, even the mountain range, or, even the climbing route type.

Hint: Not on this earth... i mean continent
(If you start another non US thread I can move this if desired)

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Well done balzaccom! You got two of the three guesses.
This is the Sientero Ferrato Ivano Dibona, the via ferrata above the town of Cortina d'Ampezzo the site of the 1956 winter olympics.
Notice the cable that Dan is clipped into? Just around the corner we came across this (the italians and the germans fought over this ridge during at least two wars, this is a troop barracks, can you believe it? The things humans do...)(Note: someday, unless we work hard, the Wasatch and other wilderness will look like this):
You are up.
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OK. Take a shot at this one:


I will be traveling for the next week or so...but I'll try to check in on any answers....
I've only been to a few places in the Andes and that ain't one of them. We need @Henk to do his sleuthing magic.
High Mountains with snow are not my thing, to me they all look the same like most trees:D do.
The searchengines seem to agree with that view!:)
...but bald mountains. :))

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i couldn't even tell you which country these andes are in. south america's a long ways off at $20k a year.
Hints needed! Hell, we even need those for most of the shots in the western U.S. that many of us have visited! As for international travel, I'm pretty content to check all the local & cheap places off my list before I worry too much about heading overseas. Most of my international travel has been to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. Can I post pictures of me sipping cocktails on the beach in this thread? :)
Geez, guys. You don't have to be a millionaire to explore a little on the internet. OK. Here's a hint: (and no, I am not going to tell you that it's within so many miles of some highway somewhere) The peak in the photo shares the same name as a bullfighter's pass....
Torres del Paine?

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