Free Stickers!


Aug 9, 2007
Backcountrypost members, get your free stickers here! All you have to do is send me a private message with your full name and mailing address and we'll get them out right away.

For those who are not backcountrypost members, you can get free stickers too! All you have to do is sign up for a free backcountrypost account. It's totally 100% free and takes less than a minute. Once you're setup, just follow the instructions above and we'll get some stickers out ASAP. We reserve the right to totally ignore your request if you are less than totally friendly or give us the vibe that you're solely on a mission to get as many free stickers as the world will provide you.

UPDATE - November 2013: We just got a new shipment of stickers that are a whole new design. The new ones are about 2.5" x 2.7". Small enough to go on just about anything but big enough to see well. If you've gotten stickers in the past but want some of the new ones, just ask. We'll happily keep sending them!




I just updated the original post in this thread with a listing of the sticker options along with actual pictures and how many we send of each with a standard sticker request. If you want more/less of the smaller stickers or would like to request a 'Big Cairn', please let me know! That goes double to everyone who ordered a shirt. I'll throw in two each of the smaller sizes and zero of the big one with each shirt order unless you specify otherwise. I'm happy to send more if you want them. :cool:
One last thing... for those of you getting stickers only (no shirt), I had to fold the wide Little Cairn stickers between the cairn and the lettering in order to fit it in the envelope. It doesn't damage the sticker at all since it's die-cut vinyl and none of the actual vinyl is folded. When you go to put it on, just peel the backing off, apply, rub it down really good, then peel the clear plastic off and it looks perfect.

Example of the folding:
I'm a dork, I didn't realize how those horizontal stickers worked until a couple of days later:)
I am embarrassing myself, but I had no idea it was supposed to do that, and I just stuc it on, well,it rained shortly after, and got all white and peely, it started flapping when I was driving, and I was like 'well, I got two of them, I'll just peel this one off' and bam, just like I should be. Newbtastic!