Album Byways & Backways

Here's a thread I can surely contribute to. Here in Nebraska, most of the roads are more or less "backroads." I live on one. So, I take a lot of pictures while cruising these roads.

This one's in the far western end of the state. Taken just before sunrise on the day of the 2017 eclipse.

One from the archives, again. This is one of the roads near the place where I grew up, about half mile away from the farm. It was taken in the particularly harsh winter of 2009/2010. This road drifts in pretty badly, and with all the snow we had that year it drifted over very badly indeed. So bad that for much of the winter they never bothered plowing it. This snowdrift was a really impressive formation, the big face of it being about 5-6 feet tall. There are no occupied houses along this mile or so of road, so when it gets bad it's one of the last to get cleared.