Anxious About Escalante

I mentioned this on another thread, but you can cut one of those gold metal basket coffee filters into a small circle and slot in under the Sawyer Squeeze o-ring for a prefilter.
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I've used a small katadyn the last 3 years and been fine, and usually prefilter as mentioned. The top section(above the ankle) of Darn tough socks work great as a prefilter if needed. The thread isn't as tight as the foot section. And for the record it tastes better if you haven't worn them for 3 days..ha ha!

@fossana - I'm going to test your coffee filter idea on the katadyn be free and see how it works.
@Janice - that bucket is interesting, thanks for sharing!
I started a thread on this topic (filtering silty water) last year, and settled on using the standard Squeeze but with the setup described here: I've only needed to use this method on one trip so far, but it worked well for me. The advantage to this type of pre-filtering is that you can do it either before using a standard filter, or before using purification tablets (which are my backup).

For trips with extra-silty water, I would probably try out the bucket and alum method that others describe (but I haven't yet tried to use such silty water myself).
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