5.7 mag Earthquake in Salt Lake City Area - Check in Here to Let Us Know You're Okay

We felt it here in Morgan about 32 miles from the epicenter. No damage here.
I felt it in GJ. At first I thought a car or something hit the building I'm in and then I saw all my SLC friends posting about an earthquake on FB!

Wow! Surprised you felt it way out there.
Crazy times. Just wait for the massive hail to go with the locusts.
Disrupted all of my kids getting ready to do their new home schooling was all. Some coworkers in Magna though are a bit more disrupted and had shelves fall down and such.

Hope the rest of you are safe.
Keeping my eye out for a group of four guys on horseback, wearing hoods and carrying scythes...
All good here on the border of Cottonwood Heights/Midvale/Sandy. I was out running during it, and I didn't even notice anything. I was confused when I got a call from my wife while I was out, making sure I was ok. I guess you move enough while running that you don't feel the vibrations. I felt one tiny aftershock after I got back. Could really only tell what it was because our blinds rattled a little. No damage to anything at our place from any of the quakes though.
I was on the 6th floor of the Federal Building downtown when it hit. Man did we shake! They have closed the building and sent us home after numerous aftershocks - not sure when they plan to reopen. Other than that everything is okay in the Aves, though it did shake some items off of our counters and I can't find one of my cats. :(
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