1. balzaccom

    Feeling very lucky

    My nephew Daniel from Spain, his wife, and two of their friends had planned to visit us in California, and he had requested a camping trip to see Yosemite and, if possible a backpacking trip as well. The only challenge was that his schedule was a bit up in the air, and we couldn't count on...
  2. balzaccom

    Showing the kids around Yosemite

    With our daughter and her husband in town, we wanted to show them a bit of the Yosemite High Country that we love so much. And so we aimed at Tuolumne Meadows. Months ago, when we first planned this trip, we asked for a permit for the Budd Lake trailhead. This is a trailhead that doesn’t...
  3. Ben

    Yosemite Falls, Panorama Cliff, Tuolomne Grove

    Back in july my girl and i went down to San Francisco to visit her grandparents. On the way there we were able to camp for two nights in Yosemite, and do a little hiking. Not quite as much as i would have liked, but you know, it's never enough. We slept at a rest stop on the way down, and then...

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