1. Q-see

    Aletsch Glacier [Switzerland]

    It's time for a short swiss report. Last summer, after being in the Matterhorn area, we also wanted to see the Aletsch Glacier. With its length of 23km/14.7mi and an average width of 1800m/1.1mi, the Aletsch Glacier is the largest and longest glacier in the alps. It wasnt' a long hike and...
  2. Q-see

    Lötschental [Switzerland]

    Now it's time for another swiss report. I wanted to go there for a long time. I knew it is a beautiful place but it took me years getting there. Last summer, we made it to that side valley of the Valais. This is in the German speaking part of the Valais. Getting there is easy, just follow...
  3. Q-see

    Matterhorn [Switzerland]

    Once we were in the Valais anyway, we thought we could take the chance to see the Matterhorn. It's such a famous mountain but it wasn't on our list before. The campground in Täsch was only half full when we arrived around noon so it was easy to find a place to stay. This changed a lot...
  4. Q-see

    La Fouly [Switzerland]

    La Fouly [Switzerland] This isn't really a hiking report because it was a mountainbiking trip. I was thinking a while whether or not to post it because I wasn't sure if it's suitable for a backpacking forum. I decided to do it anyway, just because I love that place. La Fouly is a small...
  5. Q-see

    Gelmersee or Lake Gelmer [Switzerland]

    The next trip after the Rosenlaui Glecier Gorge was the Gelmersee. We took the bus from Meiringen to Handeck where the steepest funicular od Europe goes up the mountain. Due to the limited capacity (24 people per trip, goes every 30 mins), we had to wait a bit. During that time, I explored...
  6. Q-see

    Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge [Switzerland]

    Last summer, we spent our summer holidays in Switzerland. We like camping and mountains so we packed our camper and went to the Bernese Oberland and to the Valais. We spent the first nights in Berne which is a nice city (and also the capital city of Switzerland). Then, we went further towards...
  7. Q-see

    The Speer mountain [Switzerland]

    This is my first thread here. This year, I didn't hike as much as I wanted even though I live in the Zurich area which isn't too far from the mountains. But in September, we hiked the Speer mountain, which is the highest conglomerate mountain in Europe. It is 1950m or 16397 ft. high. We went...

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