paria canyon

  1. Howells Outdoors

    Backpacking through Paria Canyon

    I need to play catch up on my Backcountry Posts! This was originally posted on the Deuter Blog, because I’m an ambassador (their backpacks are AMAZING). There is nothing better than heading out into new backcountry. Actually there is something better: when the location exceeds all your...
  2. cmgz

    Paria River- White House to Lee's Ferry

    The weather was threatening to cancel us in the days before but luckily cleared and we spent 3 nights in the Paria last week. Spring flowers were great. Enjoyed seeing how the canyon unfolded on it's way to the Colorado. The first 7 miles to Buckskin confluence. Slide Rock Buckskin...
  3. Michael

    Wire Pass to Lee's Ferry - 4 days adventure and fun (May 2012)

    Wire Pass to Lee's Ferry, we celebrated our jubilee "20 years of traveling in the USA" w/ this trip. This backpacking trip, was the first 4-day-trip, in our life. All my impressions to frame in words, is to hard for me. My English is like a back road, after a flash flood. I hope folks, you...
  4. mattvogt7

    Paria Canyon

    Was lucky enough to take a casual jaunt down into Paria Canyon from the Whitehouse Trailhead. Have done this trip in a variety of ways over the years and its hard to beat the simplicity of leaving from Whitehouse. Further, the canyon below the confluence (all the way to where it opens up before...
  5. DOSS

    Buckskin Gulch -- August of 09

    Back in June my friend Sam sends me an email with the subject line of “Lets do this in October” and the email contained the following link 20 minutes later I replied with “I’m game” and that got the ball rolling on our trip down Buckskin Gulch. The...

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