lake blanche

  1. Skiwi

    An overnight at Lake Blanche in fall

    I am almost embarrassed to post this in the backpacking section as it is such a short trip. However, if like me you are seeking a quick overnight trip to get out there before the real snow comes and the fall color fades, this might be a good spot at the moment. We got away from work a little...
  2. Howells Outdoors

    Quick Trip to Lake Blanche

    This is a bit past due -- I think we did this trip back in August-- but I'm finally got it posted on Howells Outdoors and now to get it on Backcountry Post. Back in August Chelsea and I took off for our first backpacking adventure in northern Utah. We wanted to start small, but beautiful. We...
  3. Ugly

    Winter Overnighter at Lake Blanche

    Last weekend time was about to spring forward, there was finally some new snow, and the weather was going to be perfect. So late Friday afternoon, a friend and I started up Mill B, leaving a mostly empty parking lot behind, and going solitaire up a trail that at any other time of year is...
  4. Nick

    Lake Blanche

    Bill and I had talked about doing this for quite a while but we didn't want to do it on a weekend and I usually had work issues that made it tough for me to pull it off on a week night. But on the spur of the moment, we decided to finally do it. We met up at my place in Cottonwood Heights...
  5. Tyler

    Lake Blanche June 2005

    This is the first hike Alene and I have done as a married couple. We've been really busy with school and work and took some time to do this nice little day hike up to Lake Blanche. I'm terribly out of hiking shape, having not been much of a hiker before, so I had to adapt. This hike starts at...

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