la sal mountains

  1. AbinadiWitness

    Chicago Basin: Part 2: Sunlight & Windom Peaks, Black Canyon Camp, Mt. Peale, UT - 16 -18 Aug. 2017

    ***Part 2 of 2 of my 2017 trip to Chicago Basin in Colorado. My hiking partner, Dave, and I also overnighted near the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison before also heading out to summit Utah's Mount Peale, the highpoint of the La Sal Range near Moab because we had a bit of extra time...
  2. someguy

    Warner Lake - La Sal Mountains

    July 23-26th, 2015 Me and the family decided to head to the mountains for Pioneer Day weekend this year. Our destination was the Warner Lake Campground off the La Sal Loop road in the La Sal Mountains East of Moab. This would be my first trip to the La Sals, but I'm already looking forward to...
  3. Blake Merrell

    BSA High Adventure 2015 - Day 3 - Mountain Biking the laSal's

    To be honest, I had not idea what this day would bring. Armored with some internet beta, a map, and a desire for adventure, I lead 30, unassuming, people on a blind mountain bike ride. All I knew was that there would be a lot of climbing on this trip. I did know that there would be a lot of...
  4. Udink

    Mt. Waas

    On Saturday Mark and I hiked Mt. Waas in the La Sal Mountain range, the highest point in Grand County at 12,331'. I had also hoped to hike Mt. Peale the same day, but Waas proved to be a bigger challenge than I expected, especially starting from Miner's Basin instead of the shorter Beaver Basin...
  5. Kullaberg63

    Mt. Tukuhnikivatz to Gold Basin loop, La Sal mtns.

    Late start, 1 pm, and building clouds made for a hasty gait up the talus slopes of this prominent La Sal peak. We parked at the end of the Gold Basin spur road. A faint user trail led down to and crossed the creek, whereafter we were on our own. A giant avalanche swath of mostly large boulders...
  6. TheDunedain

    My Home From the Sky: A week in the La Sal Mountains

    This is going to be a long one folks: Long have I looked at the overwhelming laccolith formations of the La Sal Mountains that tower above the Moab desert in awe contemplating the views that each scree stack might offer. I could only imagine the feeling of being high upon those towers that are...

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