great basin

  1. Red Rock Rangers

    Great Basin National Park

    I just got home from three solid days at Great Basin National Park -- my 30th National Park! Great Basin is one of the least-visited National Parks in the Lower-48. This might have something to do with the fact that 'Great Basin' usually brings to mind bleak deserts and dry hills. Sure, a lot...
  2. steve

    Backpacking Great Basin NP

  3. steve

    Backpacking Great Basin National Park - June 2014

    Backpacking Great Basin NP with @Mike K , @Miss Buffalo , and @Tess
  4. Dave

    Great Basin NP, Aug. 31- Sept. 2 2013

    Late summer wind whipped the American flag into a mad fury. The bright banner snapped and cracked against itself like the clucking tongue of a disapproving parent. The folding and unfurling, the rising and settling of the cloth, sent shudders down the hollow metal pole. Standing below on...
  5. Christian

    Great Basin NP and Crystal Ball Cave, UT

    On Saturday my little brother and I headed down to Great Basin NP. Our first stop was the Lehman Caves. They are very impressive. If you go, get the 90 minute tour rather than the 30 or 60 minute tour. We got the 60 minute tour and it skipped a significant portion of the caves. The first room...
  6. Ericephoto

    Wheeler Peak, Great Basin National Park

    Wheeler Peak April 1-3, 2013 Last week my buddy Mark and I headed to Great Basin National Park to ski Wheeler Peak. The skies were stormy around Park City and the lightning show continued as we headed past Delta, into the middle of nowhere. Nobody goes to Wheeler Peak so the...

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