cloud peak wilderness

  1. Scott Chandler

    Summer in the CPW- Tour 1

    So finally enough snow has come out of the mountains for me to do my job and patrol the wilderness. And I must say, it was quite the interesting first tour. My first day I had plans to patrol up trail 65 to Lost Twins Lake and spend the night at Mirror Lake. This did not happen. After 4...
  2. Scott Chandler

    Summer in the CPW- Meadow Flowers and Hazelton Peak

    After a week in Rapid City, SD sitting in a classroom learning how to be an FPO, I was itching to get out and enjoy the forest I'm to protect. Weather being iffy and snow still persisting I decided to stay low and just get to know the "neighborhood" of where I lived. I walked up Schoolhouse...
  3. Scott Chandler

    Summer in the CPW- Lookout views and fresh snow

    The weekend of 6.7-8.14 was a mellow one for me. Weather moving through threatened to make accessing the wilderness for a weekend adventure even worse but I still had some fun. Saturday I went to High Park Lookout just to the south of highway 16 and hung out for 4 hours watching the clouds...
  4. Scott Chandler

    Darton Ridge-Cloud Peak Wilderness

    This summer I'm employed with the Forest Service as a Wilderness Ranger. Living a dream! I lucked out and am also working in a wilderness that is beyond gorgeous: The Cloud Peak Wilderness of the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming. It's still early for hiking up here. A huge snow year has...

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