boulder mountain

  1. Udink

    Boulder Top

    June 26-28, 2020 I spent last weekend on Boulder Top, exactly five years after my first trip there. That first trip was a day-trip on a motorcycle with very little hiking, but this trip was in my Jeep with plenty of hiking. Chris joined me and we drove down late Friday afternoon. Just...
  2. LarryBoy

    A Route In Between: Mexico to Canada Through the Heart of the West

    Between March and September of 2019, I hiked an absolutely amazing route through the heart of the West. I began atop a "sky island" on the Arizona/Mexico border and finished in a deep, dark ancient cedar and hemlock forest on the Idaho/Canada border. And in between, I saw a lot of cool stuff! I...
  3. WasatchWill

    To the Boulder Top

    With all the visits I make down to Torrey, Utah, including several drives along Highway 12 over the big behemoth of a plateau called Boulder Mountain, I've often gazed upon it wondering what it would be like to take a backpacking trip there, but then always put it off in exchange for trips down...
  4. steve

    Thanksgiving: Capitol Reef to Boulder Mountain

    This Year's Thanksgiving weekend trip took us to Capital Reef and up into Boulder Mountain. There were some chilly nights but we had some fun times hiking during the day and gathering around the campfire at night. My cousin Mandy came with us, as well as our friend Cody and his dad, Ron. It was...
  5. steve

    Skyline Drive to Escalante June 2013

    A little late to post, but I figured this might help someone wanting to do a similar trip. Escalante has been on my bucket list for some time now, so I decided to plan a trip down there to see what it's all about. Many thanks to everyone that providedso many helpful suggestions for this trip...
  6. Jammer

    Boulder Mountain → Moab Hike

    Well... after putting together the video for my Boulder Mountain to Moab hike back in May, things got a little crazy for me and I didn't follow up with a full trip report. With 2013 winding down, I made myself sit down and put it all together this past weekend. The 18-day, 283-mile hike was...
  7. Deadeye008

    Boulder Mtn & Fish Lake

    I had been planning this trip for a while. There were only two types of trout that populate Utah waters that I had yet to catch. This trip took care of one of those. The Colorado River Cutthroat. The last one being a Golden Trout(Hopefully I'll take this one off the list with a trip in June.)...
  8. Deadeye008

    Boulder Mountain 2011

    A buddy and I took a long weekend trip down to Boulder Mountain to do some car camping/fishing last September. We had an great trip and caught some amazing fish. Weather was excellent for that time of the year and the scenery was second to none. Here are some pics.

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