amethyst basin

  1. Nico

    Uintas - Toomset/Ostler/Amethyst Lakes

    I just got back from a two-nighter up in Amethyst Basin area. I got to the carpark at 4:30 PM and made it up to Toomset by 6:30 PM, so I was clipping along at a good pace - 45 mins for the first 3 miles, then 30 mins for that damned uphill. I schwacked through the trees across the river...
  2. Jackson

    First Uintas Trip - Amethyst Basin

    I'll try to refrain from being too verbose since there are probably already 10 other Amethyst/Ostler Lake trip reports on here. My wife and I were looking for a good, shorter trip to do over the weekend. Our anniversary was Saturday, but we had Friday off for Pioneer Day, so we decided we could...
  3. Yvonne

    Amethyst Basin and Middle Basin, July 2013

    The Uintas were on my bucket list for years. A high pristine mountain area combined with alpine lakes and solitude – it all was way too tempting for me. I never made it to the Uintas when I lived in Western New York because I usually spent my time in Utah in June, way too early for a high...
  4. DrNed

    Uintas Amethyst & Middle Basins

    After having such a great time in the Uintas this summer on a week long adventure with my kids, I wanted to get out for another multi day trip before it got cold. We decided on the week of September 16. I recruited my friend Jerry, and after enjoying the pictures & trip reports here on BCP I...
  5. MtnMatt

    Amethyst Basin

    Last summer we had a trip planned to take the family into Redcastle for a couple of days. I had been telling my boys how amazing it is up there for years and was kinda anxious to go myself since I hadn't been in there for quite a few years. We had it all planned and then the week before we were...
  6. Artemus

    Amethyst Pass route across the Uintas Divide

    By popular request by several friends here at I am posting a TR of traversing Amethyst Pass from a few years ago. This pass is a way to get over the Uintas Divide from south to north in the west end of our precious mountain range. This route’s crux is the crossing from the...
  7. Udink

    Amethyst Basin

    For Father's Day I got a new backpack, an Osprey Atmos 65, hoping I could get into backpacking without having issues like I had with my old backpack when doing the Uinta Highline last year. I responded to the invite from pixie1339 to backpack into Amethyst Basin in the Uintas. It ended up being...
  8. DAA

    Amethyst Basin 6/22 - 6/24/12

    My son and I took our first backpacking trip this weekend. Being our first, I was looking for somewhere that looked relatively easy. Easy on the eyes, easy to get to, easy to find a good camp site, easy to get water, etc. You get the idea - easy :cool2:. Oh, and decent fishing too! Between...
  9. Nick

    Uintas: Amethyst Basin

    July 2011 My first backpacking trip to the Uintas was a 3-day trip into Amethyst Basin way back in 2003. I was SO hooked. On that trip we camped at Toomset Lake and day hiked up through Ostler Lake and BR-24. We had planned on day hiking up to Amethyst Lake as well but we spent so much time...

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