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Aug 9, 2007
Just like last year, post your best/favorite photos you took in 2014 here. They don't have to be wall hangers, they just have to be your favorites! Post as many as you'd like but tell us a bit about them. If you can link to a trip report or more photos - please do!

Here's a few of my favs from 2014 to start it off:

My new hiking buddy, Sage, on our first backpacking trip together in January on the BMT. Lots of good years ahead with this pup.

One of my favorites of the 60 'work hikes' I did this year - Sunset Peak.

It was a brutal hike for my knee, but the ~7 miles round trip from the boat to the lower narrows of West Canyon were definitely worth it. Can't wait to get back to this one.

One of my favorite campsites of 2014 in Face Canyon. The grassy wetlands almost tricked me into thinking it was a natural body of water we were camped on.

Due to work hikes and knee issues, I backpacked less this year than in the last several, but the backpacking I did do was awesome. Gotta love late season trips like this one to the Echo Lake area.
here are my favorites from 2014...

14 baron lake morning.JPG Baron Lake in the Idaho Sawtooths

28 morning lake.JPG An unnamed lake near Sawtooth Lake we camped by. And my son looking back at me too.

Anderson Pass.JPG Anderson Pass in the Uintas

Timp2.JPG Near the summit of Mt. Timpanogos, this was when I was headed back down. There were a TON of people hiking it that day!
I feel like 2014 was my year. I really enjoyed all the adventures I got to on and all the people I got to experience it with. There are a lot of photos, but I did a lot of adventuring!

Frozen seep in Ashdown Gorge - Hiking Ashdown Gorge under a blanket of snow

One of my favorite macro shots was of these fir-cones - Snowshoeing the Old Sorrel Trail

I learned all about the bald eagles coming to Cedar City in February and March - Looking for bald eagles.

A few friends and I backpacked into Davis Gulch after my hero- In search of Everett Ruess

As part of Spring Break I explore miles and miles of canyons for ruins. House on Fire was easy my favorite - Pi Adventure 2014

This one from Easter at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes was just to cute not to post!

The canyons I got to explore this year were top-notch- Keyhole: Short and Sweet.

Biggest rappel I've ever done (300 feet) in Englestead Hollow - Canyoneering in Zion.

At the time this one became my favorite canyon ever; it was short lived - Zion's Best Canyon.

Again, to adorable to pass up. My Niece jumps off the dock into Three Lakes - Montezuma's Treasure near Kanab.

One of the biggest ruins I've seen - Hiking to 16 Room Ruin.

Lady Mountain was easily the most strenuous hike I've ever done, but it was worth it for the view/experience - Lady Mountain.

My all time favorite trip for 2014 was Fall Break to do Neon Canyon. Three Days out there on the Egypt Trailhead - Best Adventure EVER.

Part of that Fall Break adventure was hiking Spooky and Peekaboo. This shot turned out awesome - Where are Spooky and Peekaboo?

There was about a million options for me to choose from because I LOVED 2014 and the adventures I went on. 2015 will bring a lot more and please invite me to come along, because I want to get out more and see more.
I've felt pretty blah about my photography this year. That said, here are some highlights.

My absolute favorite shot of the 2014 was this sunrise from Muley Point. The best trip of the year was the earliest.

San Juan Sunrise by ashergrey, on Flickr

Then it was a return to Kanarra falls

Cold March at Kanarra Creek by ashergrey, on Flickr

…and my first stop at Yant Flat.

Sunset at Yant by ashergrey, on Flickr

I really loved the light on the cliffs near Fisher Towers…

Fisher by ashergrey, on Flickr

…as well as the spring wildflowers. Even though this trip nearly killed me.

Castle Valley wildflowers by ashergrey, on Flickr

Spring on my home range. Hey, I can almost see my house from up here.

Mid-May by ashergrey, on Flickr

Cotton Candy Slopes by ashergrey, on Flickr

Not too far off the road, but the composition on this shot of the serene shores of Payette Lake really pleases me.

Docks on Payette Lake by ashergrey, on Flickr

This fizzled sunrise over the confluence of the Green and Yampa broke my heart.

Fizzle over Echo by ashergrey, on Flickr

But seeing the Flaming Gorge bypass tubes flowing at full capacity was awe-inspiring.

Bypass by ashergrey, on Flickr

Not the most fantastic photo, but it has significance for me. I'd never seen a shot of Lake Lorena before this hike.

Lake Lorena pano by ashergrey, on Flickr

Fehr Lake, on the other hand, is photographed plenty.

Fehr Lake by ashergrey, on Flickr

From my first trip to Causey

Stillwater Sunset by ashergrey, on Flickr

…and my second. First one by boat, second one by foot.

Under Causey by ashergrey, on Flickr

Always fun catching osprey on the nest at Flaming Gorge.

Thiiiiiiis big by ashergrey, on Flickr

Or baby hummingbirds in the nest in my brother's back yard.

Hummingbird by ashergrey, on Flickr

I snuck into the GSL Shorelands Preserve for this one.

Shorelands by ashergrey, on Flickr

That's probably about good.
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I had a pretty good year and took a few favorite photos this year. Here's just a few...

Finally made it to the Bluff Balloon Festival this year.

Lift Off by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A beautiful winter morning exploring Sand Cove.

Coyote Buttes by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A nice view of the Fisher Towers while exploring The Highlands and Dome Plateau.

Grand View by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A cool petroglyph panel at the base of Cedar Mesa.

Growth Panel by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Finally made it to Angel Arch.

Angel Arch by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A nice hike up Professor Creek.

Light Around the Bend by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

What an amazing sunrise from the Maze Overlook!

After the Storm by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A huge field of wildflowers in the San Juan Mountains.

Flowerful Sunset by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Caught another beautiful sunset at the Lower Blue Lake.

Wolcott Morning by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

View from the top of an unnamed 13er I climbed at sunset from Wetterhorn Basin.

Summit View by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Made it back to Gray Copper Gulch for an interesting sunset.

Storm Light by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

The fall colors below Mount Sopris were amazing.

Mount Sopris Morning by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Finally got this fall colors shot in Ute Canyon that I wanted.

Fall in Ute Canyon by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

I liked this one from The Narrows.

Cascade Bend by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

I could probably go on....but I won't. Hopefully there will be a few more before the end of the year!
I did not get out that much this year. I have posted most of these here previously, so please excuse the duplications.


Datura on the Green River


Roaring Fork valley from my deck


Along the Colorado @ Bowknot Bend camp


Above Rifle, Co


Above the Green River


From my deck


Confluence camp, Colorado and Green River


Conundrum sunset
Seriously awesome photos everyone! I wish I could go and favorite them all. The year in photos started crappily and ended on a high note-so much better than the other way around! Toward the end of the year I decided I was only going to take photos when I felt like it. I had felt like I needed to shoot amazing photos every time and most of the time got crap, which made me feel like crap. So I just let it go and didn't worry about it. What do you know, when I did that I think I got some of the best shots I've ever taken.

I had some amazing experiences, so I've picked a few photos that make me relive those experiences.

Santa Rose Plateau

Camping in the Anza Borrego Desert

Milky Way Tent Secret Spot.jpg

Backpacking in the Eastern Sierra

Land Time Forgot.jpg

Cell phone shot by the side of the road on the way to a dive trip!

Cell phone rainbow.jpg

And my favorite place to shoot, hands down, Utah in the fall

Shafer Cliffs.jpg

Cottonwood & Castle.jpg

Artsy backlit cottonwoods.jpg

Canyonlands Sunset 2.jpg

Towers of the Virgin more clouds.jpg

Springdale Rainbow.jpg
Lee Pass Sunset.jpg
Murphy Pt and tree.jpg
Early Epic Sunrise bright.jpg

Now I'm dying for snowfall! I hope we get a snowy winter 'cause I've got snow envy bad.
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I'm no pro photographer but here's a few of my favorite shots I took on my annual Southwest trip over from the UK this year;

This one is not a technically fantastic shot, amazing composition or hard to reach location. This was my first "encounter" with a bear in the wild which was a really cool personal moment. A black bear with two cubs no more than 40ft in front of me. Near Tokopah Falls, Sequoia NP.

Havasupai was the first Bucket List hike that I ticked off this year, what an incredible place! Note - go in on a Sunday, it's their quietest day and the crowds were almost non-existent.


Buckskin Gulch was also another Bucket List-er for me. Whilst I didn't have the opportunity to hike all the way through to White House, I did spend most of the day hiking in about 7 miles before coming back out. I'm not sure it's possible to take a bad photo in this place.



Escalante Natural Bridge. Funny story about this one - I didn't see a single other person whilst hiking out from the Escalante River TH, but when i clambered up under the natural bridge here I stumbled upon a couple getting erm... "acquainted" with one another on a boulder! :eek: From what I could see, most clothing did still appear to be in place but I made a hasty retreat and I don't think they saw me!

Reflected light in Spooky Canyon. Incredible yellows, oranges, reds, browns, purples...

Hole in the Rock Road. Not a particularly spectacular photograph but it always makes me smile because it's everything that signals fun & adventure to me - the desert & a dusty, open dirt road!

Stella Lake, Great Basin NP
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This is quite an impressive set of images we have here, really love seeing through your eyes! I had a pretty good year this year, with a number of trips that put me in areas I have never been before. I apologize as some of these you may have already seen.

Going in chronological order ;)

May trip through southern Alberta
Red Rock Coulee, AB

Cypress County, AB

Waterton, AB

June trip through Saskatchewan
Cadillac, SK

Frenchman Valley, SK

August trip to Glacier National Park (Two Medicine Lake)
Two Medicine Lake, MT

Misc other stuff
Waterfowl Lake, AB

Peyto Lake, AB

Lake Huron, ON

Pinery Prov Park, ON
I've had a good year. I am delighted with this I've seen, and captured.

Needles District, CNP.

Needles District, CNP

Merlin, my friend. Grandeur Pk. in the Wasatch.

High Above the Green River

The unknown side of the Cirque of the Towers, Wind Rivers.

Backcountry Lazy Boy, Maze District CNP

My backyard Uintas

Again the High Uintas
I had a great year too with a 12 day spring trip to southern Utah and then another long weekend trip to the Arizona Strip in the fall.

A couple shots from White Pocket, Paria Plateau.


Hatch Canyon on the way to the Maze District, CNP. with the Henry Mountains in the background.

Sunrise on Horse Canyon from Panorama Point Campsite, CNP.

Doll House campsite #3 in the Maze district, CNP.

The "Plug" and "Standing Rock" formations in the Maze District, CNP.DSC_0343.jpg

Made it to Druid Arch, Needles District, CNP. DSC_0412.jpg

Tuweep Overlook, GCNP.

The lesser known "Peek-a-boo" slot canyon, Red Canyon just south of Mt. Carmel Jct.
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