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Aug 9, 2007
Time again for some best of the year! Post your best/favorite photos you took in 2013 here. They don't have to be wall hangers, they just have to be your favorites! Post as many as you'd like but tell us a bit about them!

Here's a few of my favs to kick it off...

Some killer light in Fat Man's Misery. May 2013 - Zion

One of the best car camp spots I've ever had the pleasure to sleep at. June 2013 - Escalante.

What will most likely end up being Nikita's last backpacking trip (she can't really do the stairs lately) :(. June 2013 - Uintas.

Some seriously idyllic alpine wandering in the Wind Rivers. July 2013 - Wind Rivers.

One of the coolest little spots I've ever had the pleasure to lay down and just stare up at the sky in. Seen while on the hunt for the cheemicowbra in some crazy mystical place that really doesn't exist - October 2013.

Rim walking Halls Creek with some fine backpacking compadres. Capitol Reef - April 2013.

I'm sure I've got a few more that I'd call faves - let's see yours!
I did not get out very much this year, but these are among my favorites.

A small ruin in Pine Canyon, Cedar Mesa:


A pot shard in Deer Canyon, Cedar Mesa:


From our camp site in Labyrinth Canyon, during our river trip in October:


From my solo trip through Meander Canyon on the Colorado in September:


Camping above Deer Canyon with my friend PJ:


It was a good year. Hopefully I will get out more in 2014.
It was great to float with Nick, Nate and Charlie on the Green, definitely a highlight this year.
Let's see what I've got...

A couple of friends and I did Coyote Gulch this spring. It looks like I'm stuck in a bush, or something, but I like the picture.


I rode my first horse in Jasper, Canada.


The Upper Geyser Basin in the winter was cool. Watching Old Faithful erupt with no one else around was special.


I must have taken 50 pictures of this tree...I LOVE solitary trees, and solitary trees with the Beartooths in the background are the best.


The views in Banff were everything I had hoped for. I especially liked the color of several of the lakes.


My first-ever rock art that I found on my own without knowing it was Robber's Roost Canyon.


My wife at dawn climbing Mt. Massive in Colorado. I love climbing these 14ers.

Early this year on a very cold morning I caught this fog over the Colorado River just a few minutes from my house.

River of Fire by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

There were amazing conditions at the Colorado National Monument on this day at the end of January. When I took this photo I had no idea what phenomenon I was seeing below me, but as soon as I got home I learned it was known as a 'brocken spectre' This is probably my favorite image of the year.

Personal Rainbow by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

I made my first trip out to Little Finland back in February and this is my favorite image from that evening.

Standing Tall by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

I'm sure I'll have more to add later :)
Looking back, I had a spectacular year.

I'll choose 5 edit: 8.

Incredible Dirty Devil route. Huge thanks again to @langutah for setting the trip up.

Long Way Down 2 by slc_dan, on Flickr

My best milky shot so far with @Nick and @Ndheiner

Milky Way over Chimney Canyon by slc_dan, on Flickr

In Turkey with my wife.

Cappidocia Rose Valley pano by slc_dan, on Flickr

Croatia with the same lady

Plitvice Lakes Waterfall 2 by slc_dan, on Flickr

First awe inspiring trip to the mighty Winds.

Wind Persied Stars-Island Lake by slc_dan, on Flickr

Willow Gulch Selfie

Waterfall Swim by slc_dan, on Flickr

Lower Muley

LMT Good Morning by slc_dan, on Flickr

Walking over notch pass in snow.

Fisheyeish Pano Experiment by slc_dan, on Flickr
Coyote Gulch:

Kanarraville Falls:

Favorite One of them all (minus the water droplet that was on my lens ):

Kanarraville Falls:

Golden Cathedral:

Angel's Landing:

The Wave star trail (blurry, but it was one of my first attempts at a star trail and had it come out crisp I liked the composition):
Wave Star Trails.jpg
This year was a bit different for me. Not near as many trips as every other year, but I did go to some new places I haven't been to before.

Mapleton Barn, this picture was my most popular this year. I never would have thought.

Went to Farmington Bay to see the Eagles for the 1st time. I will go again this next year too.

Finally made the trip to Fantasy Canyon.

As many times as I have drove past the turn off to Fish Lake we spent a few days fishing there this year. Tons of fish were caught!

Snoqualmie Falls in Washington

Seattle from Alki Point

Fall Color next to Crystal Lake near Ouray Colorado

Crystal Mill in Colorado

At least I made it to the desert once this year... 4 shot stack of lightening in Arches
A few favorites:

Brimstone Canyon was deep, dark, fun.

Brimstone Canyon by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Milky Way on the night of my birthday in Northeast Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Milky Way GSENM by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Solo full moon at Hamburger Rocks

Hamburger Night by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Fantastic weather watching in Dixie National Forest looking out towards Zion

Dixie National Forest 50mm special by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Blue hour storm watching at Stansbury

Stansbury Strike by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Sunrise in Bryce

Bryce Sunrise 1 by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Finally fulfilled my goal of getting underneath the wreckage in Bull Valley Gorge

Bull Valley Gorge by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Watching the light show of an almost full moon in The Dirty Devil River area with @slc_dan and @langutah on an amazing trip

Big Moon View by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Sunrise and moonset above Salt Creek

Sunrise from camp by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Getting out of Utah for once at Crater Lake National Park, a cold wet day of rim exploring

Big Blue Pano by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

My love standing on The Boyscout Tree in the Redwoods

Bria Boyscout Tree1 by NateGeesaman, on Flickr

Just one more :lol:

Camp scenery during a snowy sunset in Buckhorn Draw during an all day snowstorm with @slc_dan

Saturday Camp by NateGeesaman, on Flickr
Wonderful shots everyone! Just love seeing new places and each person's unique view. Off the top of my head, here are the ones I like best from this year:

Last Light reedit.jpg
Last Light

Cape Royal Reworked.jpg

Sunset at Cape Royal

Point Imperial Dawn 2.jpg

Point Imperial Dawn

Lightning Dawn Detail Close.jpg

Lightning at Dawn, Point Imperial (single exposure, btw!)

Autumn Abstract 2.jpg

Autumn Abstract

Geez, is that 5 already? I have a few more!

Wall Street 2.jpg
Entering Wall Street

And here's one I like for what it captures. It's called "Involuntary Self Portrait", me at the end of a day of shooting in Zion, looking at the day's catch when I accidentally hit the shutter. :D

Involuntary Self Portrait.jpg

Forgot this one, another favorite:

Storm Light Crop.jpg

Storm LIght

I sure got a lot of mileage out of the Grand Canyon this year, didn't I? I didn't realize it until I saw all these photos. I haven't decided where I'm going to go this February but Grand Canyon is starting to rank very high on the list now.
What a great 2013 for all of us. And for me, personally, having you folks share these with me makes BCP a special place. Strong work!

One of my faves. Kanab Point on the north rim of the big ditch during a late November car camp. La Bella Luna lording over all. An "attitude" picture for me, for sure.

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