Who has been here? Ruin off Hole-in-the-Rock road


Aug 29, 2019
Wondering if anyone on here has been to this ruin up on Kaiparowits plateau. It is mentioned in a couple of books including David Robert's Lost World of the Old Ones.

I first saw it in an article by Morgan Sjogren that was in The Gulch Magazine about 2 years ago.

This is Macduff Everton's picture...

everton macduff.jpg

Here is an image from Morgan Sjogren's article....


Here is a link to that article....

I been to the site on very cold winter day with several inches of snow on the ground but was too much of chicken to go the last twenty feet.
That trip was a scary adventure because I decided to not follow the trail back down to my campsite.

When you get to the site you are on a 40 foot cliff and it appears you have to crawl out onto a ledge that is 12 inches wide with some rocks projecting out over the ledge leaving a person with a handful of inches between the rock and a 40 foot fall.

You cannot crawl under or over the projecting rock, which forces to slide along the outside edge of it.

Here is another Macduff Everton image showing a lady on the ledge...

21578_m (1).jpg

Hope to head back out to the area in late spring or early summer and may want to give it another go if I get some feedback from someone who has actually done it.
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