When might road to Salt Creek TH be ok?

No sir I am thinking of coming up 211 from the south and east, then turning on to Beef Basin rd not far past Newspaper Rock. I believe Indian Creek is what I'll need to cross almost immediately.

Edited to add the coordinates near turnoff 38.0835564, -109.5688193
Ok, That road is usually good unless it rains, then on top gets slick and sticky past cathedral.....
We exited Beef Basin via this road and ford last Saturday (May 20). At that time the ford was maybe knee deep at worst and moderately swift. We were in Tacomas and had no issues, but we also saw some climbers in Subaru Foresters and even an old Honda CRV towing a trailer make it through. The road was otherwise mostly dry up the the Salt Creek TH, though there were some rougher spots from folks driving it when it was muddy. The snow in the high country was melting fast so I expect creek levels are now lower.
Thank you very much sir.