What did you buy today?


I like to go outside.
May 31, 2015
Ordered a Hilleberg Akto tent back in May and it finally arrived last week. I set it up in the front yard this afternoon. Of course, the two bosses of the house had to give their approval before I'm allowed to use it. :)
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Echoing KWC. Planning to use it on your October Teton Wilderness trip this year? Looks like an awesome tent.


Dec 23, 2013
One can never have too many tents, eh? Looks nice … using it soon?

Echoing KWC. Planning to use it on your October Teton Wilderness trip this year? Looks like an awesome tent.

Yes, I am planning to, but right now it doesn't look good weather wise. I'll be making my final decision on whether to go or not this coming Wednesday.
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Mar 3, 2013
forecast wed thru saturday up here... lowest is 50% chance showers..... id guess crappy weather.....
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