West Fork Black's Fork Trail Head Directions


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Mar 31, 2013
I've got a friend who is going to pick me up at the West Fork Trail Head, but I've never done it myself. Are there signs off of Highway 150 showing where to turn for the North Slope Rd?

The friend who is picking me up WON'T drive across the river. So, we'll have to all the way where the road meets the river. So when we reach the trail head do we follow the road to the west?

Any other info on how to ensure my friend and I get to the right place would be greatly appreciated.
It's signed for sure, but I'm not sure what the sign says. It's also known as the Mill Creek Road and I think some of the signage is for the East Fork BSA camp. Considering the remoteness of your pickup, I would not mess around. Load waypoints into his phone and make dang sure he knows how to find the exact spot you need him. That could go very badly with a potentially very long walk to get out...
Or even better, have him help you at the start of your trip by dropping off a car so that it is just waiting for you when you are done. No worrying about where he is or you getting done early or late.
Do you happen to have said waypoints? What is the WFBF trailhead like? I've been trying to study the Google Earth images and I can't seem to find anything that is definately a trailhead. From the Google images it appears as though the trail becomes a dirt road.

Is this the infamous river crossing? I've got the coordinates at 40 53' 01.76" N 110 40' 11.21" W

WFBF River Crossing.jpg
Turnoff to north slope road: 40.915029,-110.827526
Turn south from north slope road into WFBF: 40.929834, -110.614254
Road arrives at river ford: 40.884026, -110.670005

There isn't much of an actual trailhead. After the river crossing, the road goes another mile or so and ends at a gate at the intersection with the trail that goes over to EFBR trailhead over to MFBF. From there it's more road walking before hitting the wilderness boundary. I want to say a couple miles but I'm not sure off the top of my head.
River crossing was really easy. and the TH is easy to find. We followed the Nat Geo map and didn't have any problems.