Trip planning: 'tween North Wash and The Needles


Dec 21, 2012
Hey folks; After I leave the BCP Spring fest I will head towards the Needles area for a 2 day backpack trip. Seems there is at least a day trip along the way. There's Natural Bridges, Butler Wash, Edge of Cedar State Park, Valley of the Gods..... probably lots more. What do you think are 'must sees'. Is 1 day enough? I know Grand Gulch is nearby but probably needs a few days to explore(on the future must see list). Is Hovenweep a little too far off course, probably? Day hikes, scenic roads, Indian rock art, ruins are what I seek. Thanks for any input.
Hey Nick: Posted this in the wrong section, sorry. Feel free to move to trip planning. Thanks
Hey Nick: Posted this in the wrong section, sorry. Feel free to move to trip planning. Thanks

Done. :)

With one day to kill between North Wash and The Needles...

I'd go hike Road Canyon on Cedar Mesa. The Citadel, Fallen Roof and Seven Kivas are all there and from what I understand, pretty easy hiking.

If you want a more relaxed day, just driving over Cedar Mesa and down the Moki Dugway to the Valley of the Gods would be totally worthwhile, especially if you have time to head down to Monument Valley. You can make it sort of a loop by heading back north via Bluff and Blanding instead of returning through Cedar Mesa.

Natural Bridges could be good, but only if you're actually going to do the hike. Not really worthwhile to just pull through and check it out in my opinion.

There are a handful of other good shorter hikes to cool ruins in and around Cedar Mesa. I really enjoyed hiking to Ballroom and Bullseye ruins in March a couple years back. I'm sure others could recommend similar hikes.

Check out this trip report by Seldom Seen Anderson

And this one by FourisTheNewOne

And this one by Deadeye008
THANKS!!! I just spent the entire night going over the links you posted, bought more maps and might never return to Baltimore after reading the trip reports. Way too much to do in this area. Tonight I was scoping out the Delorme, Kelseys Co plateau book, BLM maps...... One thing I know, whatever I pick can't be bad. Thanks again, going into work tomorrow with some bags under my eyes.
FWIW: Today it hit 72F, then some hellacious storms blew through dropping temps into the high 30s. Just a few days ago we had ice and snow. Mother Nature is really having some issues.
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