To Do in 2024

This is a great opportunity to engage in fanciful thinking. My wife is turning 65 and I am turning 75, both early this year, so we better get some miles in while we still can. Possibilities floating to the top of the list include:
• a x-country trip to the Sierra to traipse through previously unvisited Blackcap and Crown Basins and to bag yet-to-be determined SPS peak number 100
• another Sierra trip via Sawmill Pass, our only significant unhiked east side pass remaining
• a 6 to 7 week spring loop trip to southern Brittany, France to complete the GR 34 and walk the Nantes-Brest canal path
• the loop around Three Sisters in Oregon to complete another volcano circambulation
• hopefully get back to Utah: maybe walk the Paria from Cannonville to the Colorado or explore the Trachyte
• maybe a birding trip: Mongolia?
• several local 3-5 day backpacking trips at Coe, Marin County, and the East Bay
• hopefully at least one all day day-hike per week when we are home
I've got the calendar mostly sorted - but destinations and specific inspiration are eluding me a bit. That said, I'm starting to put things together...

Family Trips:
  • We're heading to eastern Africa in late June for a couple of weeks - very excited for this opportunity, but it did require changing some of what I'd started planning for 2024.
  • A few frontcountry trips to the GYE - definitely at least one backcountry trip in Yellowstone proper mixed in there, too.
  • Convinced a few old friends to bring their kids up in late July for a low-stakes backcountry/fishing trip - similar to the Silas Canyon trip my son, brother, and I did in 2023. Maybe the southern Winds again - maybe something in Colorado.
Longer "Goal" Trips: (realistically not all of them, but haven't narrowed it down yet...)
  • Return to the northern Winds - would like to approach the glaciers differently and maybe do some peakbagging. Looking at a route that might accommodate a mix of comfort levels - I'm hoping to have some company on this one, including my brother. Maybe grab a peak or two in the AM and then hike some miles each afternoon.
  • Beartooth Traverse - have a fun route drawn up here that I keep putting off, but I think this is the year. Possibly the rare shuttle trip (for me) on this one.
  • Early season Absaroka trip - depends on the snow this winter, but hoping for something in early June. Might be a gnarly one.
  • Bob Marshall - after my trip with @travel2walk I drew up another, longer route that avoids the horse/CDT trails even more. Might try to squeeze this in after The Rut 28k in September, if I think my legs can handle it.
  • Brooks Range, Alaska - this was supposed to happen the last couple weeks of June, but it looks like Africa has supplanted it. If I can re-schedule I will, but might be bumped to 2025.
  • I also still have a trip to "The Trident" in Yellowstone drawn up that I'd really like to do - all the talk about Hidden Creek on one of @TractorDoc's posts reminded me of a route I have through that area (including Thunder Mountain); maybe I could loop it?
  • And the traverse of the high peaks of the Central Absaroka still eludes me, but it's on the list.
Personal/Smaller Goals:
  • Trying to do some more running this year - planning on a flat-lander half marathon in Fort Worth (February) and The Rut 28k (September) at least. (Thanks to @Jackson for accidentally introducing me to The Rut. :cool:)
  • Going to do a lot more skiing this year, too - mostly looking forward to the x-country variety, but my kids are starting to get the downhill bug so looks like I'll be doing more of that as well. Should be up in Gardiner at the end of January - looking forward to that.
  • Climb the Grand Teton and/or Mount Moran - another conditions dependent one; have to line up my schedule, my buddy/guide's schedule, and the conditions. We'll see.
Might also make it out to the Sierra this year, but no plans as of yet. And my wife wants to do another short backpacking trip w/ the boys out east - haven't done an overnight in the Appalachians since my oldest was less than a year old.

Not as focused a list as in prior years, but certainly not due to lack of options! Should be a good year.
I may have booked a flight to Alaska for 8/26, so will have to see where that goes. Lol
I got a brand new TITANIUM knee in mid-December. I capitalized it because hikers love titanium. :) Now I’m working on getting my knee rehabbed enough to be able to go hike in Yellowstone. I’d like to go just about anywhere, but I’d like to join Scatman and wife at Grebe Lake, and I’d like to get to Beulah Lake, and Shoshone Lake, and Pebble Creek, but I’ll take just about anywhere. It’s only been two weeks that I could manage to stumble out the door on my own. Oh, and get back IN without help.
LOL ...... and, and ......... take it easy till you're back up to strength !!!

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