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  1. Nick

    Nick Post 'em if you got 'em! .

    What's that old saying? If you fail to plan, you plan to sit on your butt at home all year? What you guys got cookin' for 2017? Don't forget to go back to the 2016 thread and report back on how you did.

    I am super excited about what I have on the radar this year. Here's what I'm planning so far.
    • Mexico next week! First time we've done a non-camping vacation in years! :cool:
    • Ski-in camping at the Colton Guard Station in the Uintas in February
    • More mountain biking around St. George
    • More mountain biking around Moab
    • Mountain biking the Goblin Valley trail system
    • Lots of mountain biking around the Wasatch once the snow melts off
    • Desert backpacking penciled in for early March but not sure where yet. Or I might end up on one last Glen Canyon trip if the boat isn't sold by then.
    • Picking up the NEW (to me) boat in Illinois in March. Can I count it as a bag night if I sleep in the truck on the side of the freeway?
    • Float the Snake River through Alpine Canyon
    • Float the Moab Daily
    • Float the San Juan
    • Float Desolation
    • Float the Green ABC again
    • Get Audra out on a mellow river trip like Labyrinth or Ruby Horsethief to warm her up to the idea
    • Backpack Steven's Canyon. Ideally a point-to-point over the reef.
    • Maybe a Yellowstone Lake trip
    • Boat camping on the Great Salt Lake

    And now a whole seperate list for my Glen Canyon plans. I recently purchased a unique motorized cataraft that is going to replace my tritoon and change the game completely out there as far as where I can hike and camp. Visiting these Glen Canyon places this year would make me very happy:
    • Hike the naturally dammed fork of Iceberg Canyon
    • Return to Great Bend and hike Bend Canyon and hopefully some of the others
    • Spend some time up around Good Hope Bay and hike Fourmile Canyon and Ticaboo
    • Walk the slickrock route to the Reflection Canyon overlook near the mouth of the San Juan
    • A trip to the Escalante with walks in Explorer Canyon and Bishop Creek
    • Walk the main (west) fork of Bowns Canyon and it's seven caves
    • Some exploring around the backside mysteriousness of the Annie's canyon system

    Not expected, but I'd be ecstatic if any of these things came true this year. With the new boat, the chances go way up for the first two:
    • Westwater Canyon
    • Cataract Canyon
    • Yampa River
    • Gates of Lodore
    • Smith River
    • Middle or Main Salmon

    Here's a pic of the new boat that will dominate my summer. 20 feet long with 30 inch tubes. I can't wait to start customizing her for Glen Canyon.


    Running Lava:
  2. Parma

    Parma @parma26 .

    Saratoga Springs, Utah
    Wow, that's quite a to do list @Nick
    Mine's not as lengthy, but I have a couple unique ones:

    Day Hikes
    • Chesler Park/Joint Trail with friends from out of state
    • Timp via Aspen Grove
    • Going to Ukraine in June to visit my wife's family, so we are doing a trip to the Carpathian mountains. So we are trying to do a day trip to hike up Mount Hoverla, the tallest mountain in Ukraine. It's only 6700' but should be a pretty cool trip to the Carpathians.
    • Amethyst Lake
    Multi-day Trips
    • Priord/Allsop trip with @WasatchWill and @Blake Merrell ...hopefully this works out!
    • Bighorn Crags
    • Sawtooths
    • Middle Basin in the Uintas
    And I'm finally getting back into skiing! I haven't gone for 10+ years.
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  3. Nanda

    Nanda Member .

    I usually venture out solo, so my list is pretty modest. Plan to do quite a bit of off roading/camping this year. here they are on, on scale of surely doing to maybe. :)
    - explore more of san rafael swell area(south of I 70)
    - bears ears area as well
    - usual weekend/weekday fishing trips
    - fishing trip to upper green river
    - some backpacking in uintas(1 or 2 outings in late summer)
    - log 30 nights for the year
    - kanab area(maybe try for wave permit in next month or so, while still winter)
    - boulder mountain fishing trip
    - white rim trail(if i can find a partner)
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  4. Jeffrey Chandler

    Jeffrey Chandler Member

    Mine is entirely based on whether i get a car and money (i need to actually try to get money first :D) but here is my tentative to do list

    1. get up to the summit ridge of the pine valley mountains again because that area was amazing
    2. The west rim trail in Zion National Park
    3. Observation point again
    4. Reynolds Mountain in Glacier NP if we go in August
    5. Miscellaneous exploring zion with some friends
    Multi Days:
    Note this is all based on getting groups if we go to these places this year, and if Glacier isn't lying when they say "you can backpack alone when under 18" not all of these can be done but its the bucket list
    1. Gunsight pass and Sperry Chalet with a side trip to Sperry Glacier (maybe summit a mountain, but that depends on time restraints)
    2. Park Creek all the way to two medicine campground via two medicine pass
    3. Elizabeth Lake and Poia Lake via Ptarmigan Tunnel and Redgap pass
    4. Head back to Willis Creek and the park border in Zion National Park, this time prepared for dry wash hiking.
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  5. balzaccom

    balzaccom Member

    Wine country California
    Lots of general ideas, only a couple specifics

    Day hike out of Gianelli Cabin in the Emigrant to the top of Burst Rock.

    Spend a week hiking in Patagonia--that one is booked for this spring.

    And then about three weeks of backpacking trips in Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Yosemite, Carson_Iceberg....the SIerra
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  6. Yvonne

    Yvonne I lava it!!! .

    Keaau, HI
    since my last year was such a mediocre year with not many outings, I want to venture out a bit more this year.

    My big goals are:

    June: spent the entire month again on the Big Island and shoot a lot more lava
    July/August: spent several weeks in Washington and Oregon, climb Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, backpack in Olympic NP and if I can get a permit, do a backpacking trip to the Enchantments.

    Spring Break: Probably Death Valley again
    Summer: do at least one backpacking trip in the Uintas

    other goals:

    • climb Pine Valley Mtn
    • climb Mt. Timpamogos
    • climb Wheeler Peak in Great Basin NP
    • climb Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa, not sure which one yet
    • coastal backpacking in Hawai'i Volcanoes NP, probably to Halape
    • go paddling a lot
    • do a lot of hikes within a 2 hour range of St. George
    • go snow camping again
    • do a lot of Zion explorations
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  7. DrNed

    DrNed The mountains are calling and I must go .

    I can comment on this one for you Nick - if you haven't done these trails before, be prepared - they are TOUGH!

    Tough because there is so much sand. Imagine taking your bike on a California beach and riding for miles.
    Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they are sandy and mildly technical. I don't
    remember the names of the loops I did, but it ended up around 5 miles. Some spots are less sandy but some
    were so deep I couldn't pedal and had to walk. The scenery is decent, but because it was so tough,it just wasn't any fun.

    Your mileage may vary.
  8. Nick

    Nick Post 'em if you got 'em! .

    Ugh. I hate sand on a bike. Why on earth would they even make a trail system with that being an issue? The Trailforks map has them all listed as beginner level. I think I'll skip them if they're like that though. Thanks for the heads up, @DrNed.
  9. wsp_scott

    wsp_scott Member .

    Lexington KY
    Things that are definitely happening (i.e. on the calendar)
    1)In May the whole family (wife and 3 young kids) is going to Greece for ~20 days. We are going to do a loop through the Peleponese, hopefully a little bit of hiking and lots of ancient ruins.
    2) Wife has a conference in Banff in June, will I go with her? Gee honey, that doesn't sound fun at all :) I'm going backpacking for the 3 nights she does her conference thing and then we are going to do some dayhikes for another couple of days.
    3) July we are meeting friends from grad school for the annual family car camping trip somewhere in NC or VA, haven't figured out where.

    not on the calendar, but going to happen anyway, lots of solo trips in the SE Appalachians and hopefully a couple trips with a kid or two. Last year I took the oldest two backpacking in the smokies to see the synchronous fireflies, we might do that again.
    Going to try to visit my sister in CO and hopefully squeeze in a couple nights in the Rockies.
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  10. blueeyes

    blueeyes ephemeral excursionist .

    Just get a fatbike!

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  11. blueeyes

    blueeyes ephemeral excursionist .

    Okay lets see.

    I want to repeat my failed attempt at camping in a snow cave. No date on that one yet or where. But I have better boots this year and in better shape.

    In April Zion Half Marathon. Probably crash a friends place in Springdale instead of camp because it will be a quick down and back trip.

    Hoping to bikepack over to Mammoth Hot Springs again. Loved riding in Yellowstone with no cars. Decided that is the only time to visit the main areas of Yellowstone.

    Spencer is working in Zion again until around April. All three of us would love to hike Subway again so we are hoping the end of May. I could never get my kids into canyoneering when I lived down there except the both love the Subway.

    June racing Pedal Fest in Pocatello. No camping. Then Super D near Kelly Canyon will camp up there for the weekend.

    August 5th Pierre's Hole at Targhee will camp. Then the end of August the high school mtb races start. We camp at all of them except the championship, but they changed the location of the championship so we probably camp one night at least. Races and places as follows.

    Aug 5 JUG mountain may hit Brugdorf Hot Springs again. Probably won't stay there but at least go soak.

    Sep 8 Grand Targhee love this race, love this venue.

    Sep 16 Galena Lodge near Sun Valley. Fantastic place to ride bikes highly recommend you Utah riders put this area on your list of to ride destinations.

    Sep 30 Magic Mountain near Twin Falls. We were snowed out from this race last year. Sad when they cancel a race. But it was way too cold and wet. Don't want to tear up the trails riding them soggy.

    Then the new venue and championship race Oct 14 Bogus Basin. Excited to check this out because the more I see of surrounding Boise area the more I am attracted to possibly moving there.

    During the training season my goal is also to be ready to bikepack after practice on Saturday mornings. Once done drive off to whatever location i intend to explore by bike and ride in set up camp ride out Sunday. Hope to get a lot on one night camp trips in. This is my training plan for another attempt at 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. Still have not hit my goal for that race.

    Last adventure currently planned for 2017 Nov 4 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. This time as a Solo rider. Will determine my goal for the race closer to the race. It has in the past been to ride a full 100 miles. But this year riding solo I think I can do better than that even. We shall see.

    Then in the back of my mind is the JP Fat Pursuit in December and January. I chickened out this year.

    Would like to squeeze in a backpack trip sometime with Spencer but it is getting harder for he and I to plan those trips. :(

    Goals set. Hope to look back and see a fantastic year.

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  12. LarryBoy

    LarryBoy Hiker Trash .

    Salt Lake City
    Major (week-long) trips
    Hayduke Trail Sections 7&8 (Or some combination thereof)
    Wind River/Absarokas Route (very tentative, TBD)

    Minor (weekend) trips
    Ruby Crest Trail
    Hayduke Trail Section 1 (Arches-Moab)
    Spring Creek Canyon
    Cuberant/Ruth Lakes

    Other Random Goals
    Ski Suicide Chute in LCC
    Sun Valley ski trip (frontcountry, sorry)
    Finally see a bear
    See a solar eclipse in the backcountry
    Ski tour in the Uintas (the way this winter is going, it might be the only way to see the Uintas prior to August)

    The back burner (stuff I'm contemplating but am not ready to commit to)
    Collegiate Loop (CT-CDT)
    Middle Grand Gulch (Bullet Canyon-Collins Spring Canyon)
    Slickhorn/Lookout Canyon loop
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  13. piper01

    piper01 Member

    Houston, TX
    This year I'm going to try to hit more of the local (TX) state parks/recreation areas to get in several weekends of camping, in addition to my annual week-long trip. I'm aiming for at least 4-6 trips, some actually with other people!

    I haven't decided on my week-long trip yet. If I can convince my husband to join me, I'm eyeing either Glacier Natl Park or Crater Lake and vicinity. If I'm solo like usual, the San Rafael Swell is at the top of my list.
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  14. DrNed

    DrNed The mountains are calling and I must go .

    2017 Plans

    1. Ice climbing in Provo Canyon - February
    2. 3 Days / 2 Nights - somewhere to be determined - April
    3. 3 Days / 2 Nights - Coyote Gulch - my wife's 1st backpacking trip. We'll see if she follows through - April or May
    4. Week long float trip (hopefully) on the Smith River in Montana - June
    If I don't land a permit we'll do the Upper Missouri in Montana.
    5. Take another run at the Kings Peak - Red Castle loop - July
    6. Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park - September
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  15. Shirt357

    Shirt357 Member .

    I think my goals this year will be subjective to two things:
    1. My amount of work. Right now I stay pretty busy with my job.
    2. Whether I do my list solo or if I find some folks to join me (or me join them) on some trips.

    However, I do know I have plans to explore more of the area around me (since I just got to NM last August) and also some places in the West I have never had an opportunity to get to while I was living in GA.

    Already booked/planned:

    Joshua Tree in February for 5 days/4 nights - with a friend.
    The Needles in Canyonlands in April for 3 nights - solo.
    Pecos Wilderness - hit East Pecos Baldy and Truchas Peaks in May (depending on snow levels)

    I hope to of course add plenty more including:

    Gila Wilderness exploration
    Crater Lake trip in the fall
    Great Sand Dunes National Park along with Humboldt/Challenger/Kit Carson trip
    Figure out some more snowshoe/snow camping trips for next winter
    Possible Uintas trip
    Would love it if I could get to Escalante and Bryce

    I have no doubt I will dream up more places I want to hit...
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  16. Shirt357

    Shirt357 Member .

    Finally see a bear

    Any particular one? Black? Brown? Grizzly? Polar?

    Just curious...
    While it would not bother me if I did, I am not exactly out to run into a Grizzly... unless I have someone much slower at running with me. :)
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  17. Dr Nebz

    Dr Nebz Dirtbag After Dark

    Wasatch Range
    At the rate we have been going here in Northern Utah, I might be on the splitboard till June. :cold:

    We are expecting our second child sometime in June. So this summer is gonna be tricky. But I will get out for some adventures.

    Usual haunts in the Uintas and the Wasatch. Both ranges are a constant light study. I would love to get into Spider Lake and head over the Rocky Sea Pass this year if things allow.
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  18. Kmatjhwy

    Kmatjhwy Wilderness Wanderer

    Jackson, Wy.
    Now as far as my plans for this year 2017 are ....

    Now in the last four years, 2013 to 2016, I have gone to Alaska and traveled all over. This year is to return to my Thorofare and Absaroka Mountain home here in NW Wyoming. Personally have spent many a summer here off and on since 1982. I will most likely be starting out in mid to late May and hopefully go to late September or October. And this will most likely all be by my lonesome as usual. Also in my wanderings, live off the land also with using the edible and medicinal plants and such.

    In Late May and June ....
    1.) Late May - the Soda Fork Meadows and area in the Teton Wild.
    2.) Via Pacific Creek to the Yellowstone's Thorofare near Bridger Lk. for a good long while. Maybe snowshoe in early if too much snow and the Thorofare will turn into a lake.
    3.) Up the Thorofare River in mid to late June to upper Hidden Creek and the upper Thorofare River Area with it's nice meadows. In here in the late spring with the melting snow and such all by my lonesome.
    4.) Back to the Thorofare and out by the 4th of July for a resupply

    July and early August ....
    1.) Back to the Thorofare
    2.) Up to the headwaters of the Yellowstone River to the Younts Peak Area
    3.) All around in the Younts Peak - Thunder Mountain - Thorofare Plateau Area
    4.) The Continental Divide Crest from Younts Peak to Two Ocean Pass
    5.) The Absaroka Divide from near Younts Peak / Thorofare Mtn. to Ishawooa Pass and Creek
    7.) Resupply in Cody and see the Buffalo Bill Museum again.

    August and First Part of September ....
    1.) Upper Mountain Creek Area (Yell. NP and the Teton Wild.)
    2.) Extensively over the Trident Plateau Area (Yell NP and the Teton Wild.)
    3.) Two Ocean Plateau and Fox Park at the headwaters of the Snake River
    4.) Big Game Ridge and Gravel Peak Ridge (Teton Wild.)
    5.) Out via the Soda Fork Meadows by early - mid September

    Mid September
    Go to the Rabbitstick Gathering , Sept. 11 to 17th, near Rexburg, Idaho. Here they teach the old hunter-gatherer skills and have been here often in years past.

    Late September - October - If Possible
    1.) The Upper Lamar River in Yell. NP
    2.) Along the North Absaroka Crest with visiting the Hoodoo Basin, upper Littler Lamar River area, the Pyramid Peak Area, Mist Creek Pass if possible, and out with a resupply.
    3.) Back to Jackson Hole in October via Yellowstone's Thorofare and Two Ocean Pass

    If possible would like to do a spring trip to Zion Park and maybe the Escalante Region in April but with everything, maybe not this spring. Life is Great! If I don't get it all accomplished, just getting out into the deep back wilds (away from society's big mess all summer) and enjoying life is a Big Big Success. Anyway this is my plans for now. But if it keeps snowing, might have to delay and change my itinerary abit.

    Wishing Everyone the Best!
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  19. DrNed

    DrNed The mountains are calling and I must go .

    Nick - where did you get the awning for your raft - I don't have a raft of my own, I rent one, but I'm thinking I want one of those awnings.
  20. Nick

    Nick Post 'em if you got 'em! .

    There are a ton of places out there that will sell them to you for way too much money. After TONS of research I ended up buying this one made by Leader on Amazon: It's really good quality, especially for $150. I replaced the mounting points with stainless pieces though.

    Size wise, you want the 54" high one. Some places sell 48" but that gets a little low for moving around on the raft. The 8 foot length is also good, at least for my 15.5" raft. The width will vary since you're renting, but they are somewhat flexible. I got the 67-72" width range for my 72" wide frame and it's great. I mounted mine to my side boards but I've seen people rig up mounts with pipe clamps and PVC and rig them to the side rails. That would work well for renting. Last thing, mount it so you have plenty of room to ship your oars. This works great for me:

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