Teton Crest Trail


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Feb 16, 2021
Hello all,

I'm new here and this is my first post. We are a group of 6 traveling to the Tetons for the first time August 2021. We are hoping to backpack as much of the Teton Crest Trail as possible. We are late planning this trip so most of the backcountry campsites are already full. Would it be feasible to start at Granite Canyon Trailhead and camp in Fox Creek the first night? The second day we would hike to Alaska Basin area and camp there for the night. Because there aren't any campsites available at North Fork or Holly Lake, I was thinking we should hike back to Jenny Lake via Cascade Canyon on our 3rd day. For those that have done this trail, does that sound like a good itinerary? I hate to miss the Paintbrush Divide area but I would think it would be too much to hike from Alaska Basin to String Lake in one day. Thanks.
You can do the entire "real" crest trail from grassy lk at the yellowstone border to phillips creek TH at teton pass... AND never camp in the Park... Your missing slot not visiting the north end... I think my post is still in existence here....or PM me for particulars.. it's more than 4 nites tho.

@Bob is dead on. If you are limited to 3-4 nights, the entire trip he describes is a bit much, but you can camp just out of the Park by Littles Peak and (in a long day) hike over Paintbrush Divide and out. If you have 7-8 days, the trip he describes is a great one.
Just FYI, they only reserve one third of backcountry sites in advance, so when you say they are already full, that is only the "reserved" sites. Meaning two thirds are available for "walk up permits" the day before your trip. If you are flexible you can go in and create your itinerary when you get there, including sites outside the park boundaries when needed. Good luck, hope you have a great trip.