Summer in the CPW- September Part 2

Scott Chandler

Wildness is a necessity- John Muir
Jan 4, 2014
After our failed attempt to tackle the snowstorm of early September, we wilderness rangers of the Cloud Peak headed north again, hoping another week of seventy degree temperatures would have melted off all the snow.

The first day of this project tour included a trip to Stull and Coney Lakes to place some signs reminding people not to camp too close to the lakes and to not have fires against regs. I'd never been to this trail and its not high on my list of trails to return to. Very boring walk in the woods except at the lakes.

Coney Lake
Sept pt2-1.jpg

The next day we bumped over to the Adelaide Creek/Old Mail Trail area to post a trail junction sign. Despite the snow, the aspens held on for some nice colors.

Sept pt2-3.jpg
Sept pt2-5.jpg
Sept pt2-7.jpg
Sept pt2-8.jpg
Sept pt2-9.jpg

The primary reason to go north was to get the final water sample of the season at Emerald Lake. Hiking from the south was a bit nicer than the way I went last time I was in the area.

Sept pt2-11.jpg
Sept pt2-12.jpg
Sept pt2-13.jpg
Sept pt2-15.jpg

After patrolling the area a bit and collecting some trash that was left up there, Brian and I collected the water sample and performed a fish survey. Emerald Lake had recently been stocked and had a great population of 8' cutties with a spattering of larger fish. The lake above Emerald had larger fish that were pretty wise to me. After I hooked a few that lake died. Brian told me the lake below Emerald had a bunch of picky but huge fish so I finished up there and hooked into a real football of a fish.

Sept pt2-16.jpg
Sept pt2-17.jpg
Sept pt2-18.jpg
Sept pt2-19.jpg

After going to Emerald, our week included a lot of odd project work to fill our final week. Riding atv's to remote trailheads, checking boundaries, posting signs and carsonites. Below is a spattering of that week.

Maybelle Lake
Sept pt2-20.jpg

Meadowlark Reservoir
Sept pt2-21.jpg

And Willow Lake
Sept pt2-22.jpg
Sept pt2-23.jpg
Sept pt2-24.jpg
Sept pt2-25.jpg

And now its all over! Summer is over and funding is gone. So I'm back in Utah, wondering what to do after some down time. It was a nice drive back, visiting Flaming Gorge, The Wedge, and Bryce along the way.

Sept pt2-26.jpg
Sept pt2-27.jpg
Sept pt2-28.jpg
Sept pt2-29.jpg
Sept pt2-30.jpg
Sept pt2-31.jpg
Sept pt2-32.jpg

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Aug 9, 2007
Congrats on a great season up there. It has truly been a pleasure following along in all of your trip reports. I think you've got the right idea: it's time to head to the desert now!

Oh, and sweet 'football' fish!


Hike Hard, Tread Lightly
May 15, 2013
I always look forward to your TR's. Thanks for the journey. I love the pic of Maybelle lake. I'm jealous of the summer you've had. I've always wanted a season where I spent a month in the backcountry. Thanks again.

John Goering

Sep 30, 2014
What an absolutely disgusting way to have to spend a summer.:)

Thank you for all the posts!
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