St. George - Thanksgiving Week

Mar 18, 2014
I was finally able to get out to the St. George area and hit up some hiking spots I've been wanting to see for awhile. The kids could not come due to CO-VID concerns but I went ahead, kept my distance, and saw a lot. I still feel like there's tons to do in the area for kids and plenty more to explore.
Some highlights:

Yant Flats - what an awesome spot! I was there at sunset, sunrise I'm thinking, would be equally or even more amazing.
Red Reef Trail - so cool. I want to take the kids back there.
Water Canyon to White Domes (White Wave) - epic day hike! We got lost finding the domes and found so many other cool hoodoos. It was well worth it!
South and Middle forks of Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyons, Zion NP
Johnson Canyon Arch in Snow Canyon SP

The mountain biking trails and disc golf courses around here are quite fun and different as well. I can't wait to get back next year and see some more stuff.



Dec 23, 2018
You picked some good ones! How was the road up to Yant Flats? Assuming you came in from Leeds.
Mar 18, 2014
I actually headed out from St. George and took the dirt road past the Yellow Knolls (am I remembering that right?) to get there. It wasn't a bad road at all. I have a Honda Element and it was really well graded except in a few spots I had to go slow and get around a few washouts but any car with decent clearance could make it. I asked some people about the road from Leeds to get back and they got up in a Prius. So I took that down, in the dark, and that way was really well graded (made Colorado roads look like minefields) and the getting down and out was easy to hit the interstate. I would just head up that way. It seemed more scenic coming from Leeds. Not much to see the other way.


Dec 23, 2018
Good to know. I've only come in from the Leeds side. Sounds like I should stick with that.


New Member
Jan 17, 2018
Yant Flat is so beautiful! I have a high-clearance vehicle (2009 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD), so the two times I've gone there, I've taken the road from Leeds. But now it sounds like the road from St. George could also be taken using my vehicle, which would come in really handy if I were staying in St. George.
Mar 18, 2014
Yant Flat is so beautiful! I have a high-clearance vehicle (2009 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD), so the two times I've gone there, I've taken the road from Leeds. But now it sounds like the road from St. George could also be taken using my vehicle, which would come in really handy if I were staying in St. George.

I think it took me the same amount of time either way


Apr 27, 2016
Just stumbled across your post. I was also in St. George for a few days around Thanksgiving. We were there with our in-laws. We did the middle fork of Taylor Creek and just hiked around Snow Canyon.

Your trip and pictures look amazing and give me some ideas if we end up down that way again for Thanksgiving.
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