Apr 22, 2013
In a desperate attempt to escape the searing of Phoenix, AZ I planned a 9 day trip to southern Utah.
Cooler than usual temps lead me to Lone Rock campground where I got to test out my Aquaglide inflatable kayak.
Found some really choppy water at first but the kayak proved to be quite stable. Put in a personal best 11 miles on the lake, not to bad considering the windy conditions.



After leaving Lake Powell my travels would take me through Kanab where I thought I'd try my luck at getting a permit for North Coyote buttes. Got lucky, bagged the 10th walk-in permit which made my day.

Photo Jul 22, 10 05 08 AM.jpg

Photo Jul 22, 8 56 32 AM.jpg

Photo Jul 22, 7 50 24 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 22, 9 04 30 AM.jpg

Of course while in the area I always have to stop by Wire Pass Narrow & the shade was nice as it was getting midday & the temperature was starting to rise.


Leaving the lower desert behind I headed up to the cooler temps of Brian Head.


Next day I spent a very relaxing day on Navajo Lake with the kayak. Weather couldn't have been nicer!
Need to bring some fishing gear next time, the fish were making quite a splash all day.


A quick trip to Mammoth Cave was fun, but the hordes of people was a bit much.



Next day I headed out to Otter Creek Reseviour. Big lake, didn't get to see it all but overall the scenery was a bit bland. Oh well, racked up another 10+ miles on the kayak.

After that I headed up to Powell Point. It was a Friday & I wouldn't see anyone until Sunday when I came down. Quite an unexpected treat.




Next on the docket was Canann Peak. I had hiked this last year in absolutely terrible weather. Also wanted to find a better route to the top. Went almost straight up the southern face last time, not something I wanted to repeat. Ended up finding a much better route after scouting out the area.

Photo Jul 26, 10 57 20 AM.jpg


Finally it was time to reintroduce me back into society... a trip to Bryce Canyon NP wrapped things up.



Jul 5, 2014
Wow this sounds like an amazing 9 day trip. I love the variety, from canyons to mountains to paddling to backpacking to caving, it's all there. Great photography too. I just kind of wish you broke this down into several reports so I could hear about it in more detail, but that's just me being greedy.
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