South Lake to North Lake Sierra Nevada


Sep 16, 2013
I recently watched a Youtube video done by Joey Coconato, My Own Frontier, who has posted here in the past. He did this backpack trip in the Sierra Nevada going from South Lake to North Lake. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what map I would need to purchase that has this route. Joey is hard to get hold of or I would have contacted him directly.

Hey neighbor / Kevin - when you're in Winder, I live just around the corner from you (well, more or less, sorta).

That's the 'classic' Evolution loop at the top end of Kings Canyon NP, and if you're familiar with the Tom Harrison series of map sets for the sierras, I'm pretty sure he has a map specifically for this route. There's a 55-mile version that is pretty much all on-trail, or a slightly shorter version going off-trail over.... dang, the name of that col is escaping me at the moment (can't get Knapsack out of my head, and that's obviously wrong). I'm guessing Joey C went over the col, but there is no need to shorten it if you want the ease of staying on-trail, because the longer 55-mile route is superb.
Ah, yes, here it is, I think.

ETA: oops...... I see one reviewer mentions it cuts off Dusy Basin portion. I don't own this particular Harrison map, so I can't verify. But the entire route is SUPER-easy to follow, you can make your own personalized map of your route from CalTopo (my favaorite) or what have you.

Gotta be someone on here who has posted a TR of the Evolution Loop before...... [yet another ETA:] Aha, yes, Klank posted a TR here from Sept 2015, including a link to his CalTopo of his route. That is the 55-miler that is the classic 'long' version of the loop. It will probably show up for you in the related threads below.
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He shows the map cover and number in the video.
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