So you want to start kayaking, eh?

Not sure why, but the sound doesn't work on my phone. After watching it without sound I'm perplexed about what it has to do with kayaking (or what the video is about in general) lol.

Edit: Nevermind, the correct video is working now. There was another video linked before.

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For some strange reason i suddenly want to STOP kayaking.

I've been the guy @ 0:53, and it was not fun. That doesn't give me much confidence for my trip tonight.
Just watched the vid, absolulty insain... though as I say that, in the back of my mind that little voice is screaming at me "that is wicked cool, lets try it!!!" Fortunatly that other little voice is a wee bit louder and reminding me that I cant even kayak yet, maybe if I am still active and skilled enough at the age of 75, I will try it, till then, I will take this vid as a "How Not To" video for those of us that have less or no experaince.
As a whitewater kayaker all I can say that video has been making the rounds and its the best collection of carnage I've ever seen. I've been there...and it hurts...
Guess that's why I prefer kayaking with my little buddy on a calm lake. No drama except for where to put my empty beer cans.

that's some painful stuff.
Google/YouTube the north fork of the Payette river in Idaho, in particular jacobs's a dooooozy:

then know that every once and a while some idiots don't want to deal with the people that put in at the popular stretch on the main fork called Banks, and they put in and run this stretch or the south fork with little to no experience...and it's never a happy ending:

i was actually on the river that day these two people died.
This one is enjoyable too...won Best Amateur at the National Paddling Film Festival this year...