Scatman's Grizzly Lake hike, 2022


Mar 31, 2016
And then there’s this …


Aug 21, 2018
Great report and beautiful photographs @Pringles.

I'm liking your story telling as well. . . its nice to see that your librarian syndrome comes with a side of humor. :)

lol ......... Scat only planned 8 miles? What happened.
Don't worry Bob. There are a couple 16+ mile days in a future report or two. :p


Dec 23, 2013
What a wonderful write-up @Pringles. I'm telling you right now that I'm hiring you to write my next trip report. :) How much might you charge for such an endeavor? :thinking: Your descriptive style makes me feel like I was right there with you.

Librarian Syndrome - I like that. Do you think my daughter will get it too?

It was such a pleasure to meet you, along with the other forum members that I hadn't met before. I so enjoyed our chats, and thanks for showing off your tarp\hammock combination to me. I'm not sure I'm brave enough for the hammock setup yet in grizzly country, but we'll see if I can get there eventually.

I have to apologize to you though. I took group picture on our last day, and alas, you were not in it. A reminder to myself that I need to do the group shot on day one instead of procrastinating.

I've never really had an issue with bison in the past, but I agree that they do like to stare. I've got some bison stories to tell from my next trip to Joseph's Coat Springs and Wapiti Lake.

I've got my pictures loaded up to my Flickr account now, so I can start going through them and seeing what I want to include in my trip report.


Nov 23, 2015
Thank you so much for the kind words. I always worry about putting too much information in.

Librarian Syndrome, aka Librarian Personality Disorder, I use that when I want people to know I’m just as likely to stick my foot in my mouth and chew as I am to say something that seems thoughtful and eloquent. I remember a librarian who said he’d heard a lot of librarian jokes, and a lot of (in this case) lawyer jokes, and he’d rather be the librarian. Your daughter may develop the issue, or not. It’s a great fall back. It’s also a great career, that can be very fulfilling. Though, I’m sure she is going into it for the prestige and money. <joking, rolling eyes>

I especially enjoyed the time around the fire. I actually have ordered a set of those little tins with wax in them, City Bonfire is a brand name. I figured that at a few ounces, I could haul one in to a campsite, and sit in its little flicker, then put it out quickly. I’d likely hang it in the food bag, but I figure that pouring a little cold water over the container after the fire’s out would cool it quickly. I think I’d rather carry something like that than Russ with starting, and then putting out, a real fire. I had one on my short hike a couple of days ago, but there were no fires allowed, so I didn’t use it. Sadly, the best place to set up a tent had been turned into a fire area by someone.

I am quite happy to know I missed Picture Day. :) You should have Picture Day at the beginning, when people are clean and tidy.

I hope I can go again on another hike with you and the group.


Mar 3, 2013
I thought dinner wasnt agreeing with you.........
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