ruins in the four corners area


Feb 1, 2015
I'll be driving from Wisconsin to go hiking in the San Rafael Swell in October. We'll be driving east on I-70.

We'd like to see some ruins. Can anyone suggest something that we could reach in a passenger car with a hike of 4 miles or less? The closer it is to I-70 the better, as some of us have time constraints.
Hanging Lake outside of Glenwood Springs CO is a fantastic hike. No ruins, but definitely pretty waterfalls.

Check out the Sego Pictographs, near the town of Thompson Springs. Actually, there are tons of petroglyphs/pictographs out there in that area. Mr Swell @Udink knows the area as well as anyone, and better then most.

Your original question is pretty vague, and covers a lot of ground. How close are you actually getting to the 4-corners, or are you instead closer to the San Rafael Swell & I-70?
We're for sure hiking in the Reef around Temple Mount. We're traveling on I-70 cause its fast and its a long way from Cheeseland the Swell. I'm trying to find ruins - structures - that we could get to that wouldn't add any more driving than necessary.
So it sounds like you're looking more along I-70 in The Swell, right? There are tons of ruins actually down in the four corners area, but that's a long drive from 70/Swell.
That's what I was hoping for.

We can always go to Grand Gulch, but I've been there a couple of times.
There's plenty of rock art but I'm not aware of any significant ruins around there. Not to say they don't exist, I'm just not aware of any. I guess there's Range Creek but I think you need to reserve a permit.
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