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ephemeral excursionist
Jan 17, 2012
I don't even come close to what most of you on this site can do with your cameras but occasionally by random chance I am in the right place at the right moment and capture something special. I don't posses the skills to manipulate a photo either so typical what you see is what you get with my pictures. This one I did use PSE to auto correct the color. I am pleased with the result, sadly the picture doesn't even begin to show how vibrant this rainbow was. I have never seen anything quiet like it. I was also pleasantly surprised when I pulled the photo up on my computer to see that there were two rainbows.

On our way to Angels Landing it begin to drizzle and then steady rain, thankfully as we started up the chains it did stop and the sun begin to come out. This was the result...


The rainbow hit the valley floor... I actually saw the end of the rainbow.


What rainbows do you awesome photographers have? Please share.
I love the color in that first one you posted Randy!
amazing shots!! :twothumbs:
All of them!!

Here is an old one from Yellowstone

I know how you feel about that Nick. I love rainbows and so hard to capture the moment.
Now that is a sight I would like to see for my own eyes. Beautiful!
Wow! I have never seen a moonbow before!!!! Awesome!
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