Newfoundland Mountains


Jun 14, 2012
Last weekend I went on a two night trip to the Newfies with some of the guys from expeditionutah. We had eight rigs total starting out. Cut over 100 miles of new tracks in the old snow, nobody had been out there very recently. Great time, great folks, great scenery, great weather, great food, great whiskey, great cigars, good camping. Also did my first ever snowshoeing on this trip, about 3 miles roundtrip from camp up to the stone cabing pictured below. Lots of fun!

Just a few pics from the trip.


Featured image for home page:


rope mule
Jan 17, 2012
Awesome! Nice to see snippets of a different world. Thanks for sharing!

Funny list everything as being "great" except for the camping, which falls under the category of just "good". Pretty chilly nights to blame? :)


Jun 14, 2012
No, not the temperatures, it was plenty warm. Just the layout of camp, not very level - although it only took a few minutes to shape some snow before setting up my tent so that my cot was fairly level. Got pretty muddy around the campfire too. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but as far as actual camp sites go, yeah, good, not great.



Aug 9, 2007
So are these the mountains across the bay from Stansbury Island? Insanely beautiful pics, BTW. That featured one is mind blowing.


Jun 14, 2012
Nick, no I think you are talking about the Lakeside range. The Newfies are about another 25 miles further west from there. It is possible to drive to the Newfies from the northern tip of the Lakesides, but to do so requires driving on the railroad right of way and is considered trespassing. And it is enforced, I know a couple guys that have been ticketed for going that way. The "legal" way of access to the Newfies is by coming down from the north, through the Hogup range, which is how we got there. Going by that route makes them pretty remote, not many people visit them at any time, but I think essentially nobody ever goes out there this time of year. Except us of course :D.



Formerly colefeet
Feb 7, 2012
beautiful! i love the featured image, too!


Wilderness Ascetic
Feb 25, 2013
How vulnerable was the ground to rutting in the mud due to tire tracks? Were you able to keep a light footprint? Fantastic photography. I imagine the RR plows the causeway road?
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