Need some trip advice


Jun 11, 2017
I'm all packed up and leaving in the morning (Thurs. June 15). I'll be car camping. I kind of got booted out of my house for a few weeks (long story, a certain family member has priority since they own it and I had plenty of warning, but I procrastinated). I have no idea where to go. I'm in W. Colorado. It's too hot over in the desert.

I need to point my truck some direction tomorrow and I truly have no idea where to go, other than probably north. Any thoughts on a good place or two or three to car camp with three dogs? Preferably within a few hundred miles and away from crowds. You all have any fav places you'd like to share? I'll be checking back when I can.
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Boulder Mountain or somewhere in the Uintas would be nice and not terribly far from you.
I'm in Pinedale, WY and will try to get up into the Winds, but man, there's a LOT of snow up there still.
I drove by the Great Outdoors Shop this morning. What a great resource that website is. I was going to go up to Green River Lakes today, but they say the road's washed out. Thanks - you saved me the trip. Will keep checking back.
Come have a a beer with me on Granite Creek tonight a bit more than halfway from Pinedale to Jackson. I think I'm gonna hike the SE end of the Granite Hi-Line Sunday morning. The southern approaches of the Gros Ventre open up faster than anything in the Winds but Whiskey Mt. Pretty easy hike, 5 miles out and back. I am limping. Excellent forecast for tomorrow.

Granite Hi Line To Palmer And Potosi.jpg

Granite Hi-Line to Antoinette Plus.jpg

Granite Hi-Line Wyoming Range And hoback Peaks.jpg
Hey, thanks for the invite. It's starting to clear out, rained here in Pinedale a bunch last night. Would love to join you, but am going back to Boulder (WY) for dinner with a cousin who I had no idea lived there. Those photos are fantastic and your hike sounds pretty nice. (I like your username - I was in the Absarokas a bunch last summer, as well as the Beartooths.) Have fun, though a 10 mile hike while limping sounds kind of sketchy. Do you expect to be able to walk afterwards? Ha.
Well, I left Pinedale a long time ago, headed to Driggs, ID for awhile, then over to the Bitterroots, then to Philipsburg (MT) for the earthquake, then a few days in Palouse country taking photos, then to the Wallowas (OR), and now City of Rocks (ID). It's been a month and I decided I'm not going home ever. Next will be the Uintas. Hope it's cooler over there. Anybody need photos or anything of anyplace or have any ideas on how to make a living while hiking/camping?
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