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Pretty warm for a March night on the snow. Of course the post-holing in places was atrocious.
Even Saturday morning before sunrise I spent more time up to my thighs than normal.
Back to the desert next weekend.
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Here's something a little different from Kaua'i last week.

Hihimanu, Kaliko, Pu'u Manu, and Mamalahoa. Taken from just below Kaukaopua. Right above Hanalei Bay.

I learned that hiking in the jungle is a slippery, treacherous, sweaty ordeal! We bailed a little over halfway into this one (Hihimanu, the leftmost summit) because Jessica was very concerned about the risk of slipping on a steep muddy section and getting injured.
Not many people "from" Jackson or Dubois could tell you that this is a photograph of two prominent landmarks seen throughout most of Jackson Hole, the Valley that is home to Grand Teton National Park, portions of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and the towns of Jackson, Moose, Wilson, Teton Village, and Kelly.. Sheep Mt. and Jackson Peak from Mt. Leidy.Leidy to Sheep Mt and Jackson Pk.jpg
Mount Rainier

Good to see that you are making the most of the spring snow in your new home, Yvonne!
Elk Lakes and the Elk Valley from the ridge between East and West Elk Passes on the Alberta-BC border, ski touring on April 16. Panoramic views here due to logging cuts on the BC side, that are not allowed in the provincial park 2 km north over the divide in Alberta.
Click HERE for larger version.
Hi all, I am out of practice and couldn’t find our glacier photo gallery so thought I would post this one of the Bear River Glacier in the Coastal Range of Britiish Columbia. It does have a peak, called Cambria, in the center with the Bear River glacier draining the Cambria icefield. This is on one of the most beautiful highways in the world, to my way of thinking. It is down CAN37A to the ocean at Stuart and Hyder BC. My third time driving it. We are on a three month trip to the Arctic Ocean. I want to stand in the Beaufort Sea before they drill It or fight over it! Heading north. Cheers!

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