Mojave National Preserve


Mar 10, 2016
I love autumn in the Mojave, warm days & chilly nights. And no more Mojave Greens to look out for ! So I headed into the MNP to camp and hike near the cinder cones, Club peak (NUB bm) area. Made it to a camp late afternoon and took off up Button Mountain, one of said cinder cone remnants, and took in the views for a bit before going down to dine and tuck in for the increasingly longer nights.

Next morning it was early up to ooh and ahh over the sunrise and a nice cloud formation over Club.


After some food, and packing food and water for the day, I headed off along an old road thru the Joshua tree forest, getting nice changing views of Club and cinder cones along the way.





The old road made a great route, curving thru the J-tree forest as it headed towards the steep west faces by way of the gentle east slopes. First stop was up 1378-T




Then 1467 T.




And then 1441 T



And then up Club peak (NUB bm).





It must have been much windier to the SW, there was a huge sandstorm filling a valley yonder way.


Then back down to the truck along a wash where there was a small panel of squiggly petroglyphs, only a 15 minute walk or so from the main road.


Another great day playing outside!


Disappointed, passed over.
Jan 17, 2012
Those H.G. initials in the cement for NUB #3 are pretty cool!


I ❤️ GYE
May 31, 2015
Those sunrise shots with the Joshua trees are great. What an amazing looking area. I love seeing your trip reports from there.


Mar 19, 2014
It's a magic place. I spent a week there last October. Planned to do it again this year but it didn't happen.
Not sure I understand your number system... xxx T. Is that common knowledge?
Great pics. Especially that black cinder pile.


Colorado Plateau is calling...
Feb 3, 2017
I've been thinking about visiting there. Thanks for the TR and the inspiration!


Mar 10, 2016
It's a magic place. I spent a week there last October. Planned to do it again this year but it didn't happen.
Not sure I understand your number system... xxx T. Is that common knowledge?
Great pics. Especially that black cinder pile.

I just used the designation for the unnamed ("UN") high point that are on the topos. I forget what the "T" is for in usgs maps. Feel like I knew at one time, but can;t remember now. And unable to find any remotely useful info online regarding that designation. Ima keep searching though, I'm curious again.


Disappointed, passed over.
Jan 17, 2012
I think the "T" elevations usually show up only on provisional maps.

"T-ELEVATION – A photogrammetrically determined elevation, shown on map manuscripts. The elevation figure is followed by the letter 'T,' as 1057T, to indicate that the elevation is unchecked."


Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
That cloud formation is so spectacular! I probably would have taken a couple 100 photos of just that LOL

Thanks for the share! I was planning another desert attempt this winter and am torn between Mojave or Death Valley.
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