Lookout Peak - January 16, 2021


Dec 23, 2013
Lookout Peak here in the Wasatch is one of those that I had never summitted before. I had attempted to make twice before, once back in July of 2013 as I bushwhacked along the Black Mountain Ridge, but I had a family get together that I had to make that evening, so I had to turn around before reaching the peak. My second attempt was in April of 2017 with my daughter as we made our way along the Mount Wire Ridge, then along the upper part of Red Butte Canyon and up to the ridge west of Lookout. Unfortunately for us, the snow became to deep for us to break a trail through, so we turned around and headed home with our tails between our legs. :( Well, since we haven't received much snow so far this season, Katie and I decided to give it another go, though this time we decided we would take a trail to the top instead of majority off-trail hiking.

We began our hikes at the Little Mountain Trailhead at the top of Emigration Canyon at 8:30 in the morning. It had snowed a bit (maybe 1/2 inch) over night, but the forecast called for mostly sunny skies throughout the day. Our route was a touch over 11 miles roundtrip in length and we figured it might take us most of the day to complete.

The trail was snow covered and a bit icy on our way up. Once we gained the ridge that led to the summit, the snow became deep in places due to drifting snow. So many segments along the ridge, we had to posthole our way, anywhere from knee deep to crotch deep, other segments were ankle deep to being able to walk on top of the snow.

This last stretch wore me out, but we made it to the top. :thumbsup: Once on top, some low level clouds started moving in and drove us off the summit. The return to the trailhead was uneventful and when we returned to our car it had taken us 7 hours and 58 minutes to complete our trip.

Here are some shots of our hike:

Little Del Reservoir below

Grandeur Peak to the southwest

A look down Emigration Canyon with Dale Peak on the left

Lookout Peak in the clouds to our north

Wikiup along the trail

We followed bobcat track for a good mile and a half along the trail

The trail

A look down into Killyon Canyon with Parley's Ridge on the left and the Mount Wire ridge on the right

Shhh..................... Be bery, bery quiet, I'm hunting wabbit. :)

The view to the north towards Swallow Rocks after gaining the ridge above Killyon Canyon

View to the east toward Big Mountain from the same position as the previous image

Aspens along the ridge

Katie, making her way up along the ridge

Making our way along the ridge through sometimes knee to waste deep snow

Another shot of Katie heading up the ridge

As we approached the summit, Grandview Peak comes into view to the northwest of us

Lookout Peak dead ahead

Grandview Peak again, across City Creek Canyon

Shot on top of Lookout Peak

Clouds started to move in on us so we had to skedaddle off the summit

Scatman down!

Clouds moving in on us

Coming back down the ridge

Mountain Mahogany on the ridge

Scatman says, "Every time you see scat along the trail, an Angel earns its wings." :)

Afternoon shot down Killyon Canyon

Little Mountain, with Mount Aire along the Millcreek Ridgeline beyond and Gobblers Knob and Mount Raymond in the far distance

A look back on Lookout Peak on our way down

Sun beginning to go behind the hill

A look back on Little Mountain

Another shot of Lookout Peak in the late afternoon sun from near the trailhead

Taking the micro spikes off at the parking lot

The End.
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Scatman, love your weekend hiking reports. Wishing You The Best!
Awesome! Great way to make use of a low-snow winter.

No doubt. Usually during December and January I'm riding the stationary bike and jogging a couple times a week to stay in shape. Usually, by late February, the foothill hikes are back in play and I go from there into spring hiking.
@scatman were you surprised by the snow on the ridge?

A little I guess. I knew there was snow up top after hiking to the top of Mount Aire two weeks ago and looking over at Lookout, but I didn't think there would be much. Lookout is only 8954 feet in elevation and when I did Mount Olympus (9026 ft.) on X-mas Eve, snow wasn't much of an issue and we really haven't gotten any new snow since then. I guess the drifted snow caught me off guard, without the drifts, on the southern exposure, there was only 7-10 inches up high. I tried to come off the ridge itself, but had to contend with the sage and snow with my micro spikes. So I returned to the ridge to take my chances that I could walk across the snow without sinking in. Not sure which choice was easier.
@scatman ... ”only 8954 feet” ... you’re killing me. Having said that, what’s the elevation gain to the summit?
@scatman ... ”only 8954 feet” ... you’re killing me. Having said that, what’s the elevation gain to the summit?

The trailhead is at 6227 feet, so a gain of 2727 feet. The first three miles is up and down with a total gain of around 400 feet, while the last 2.5 miles is around 2300 feet.