Little Colorado River Gorge - Epic Canyon Hike, some Pics


Mar 3, 2013
Way back in 1998, before digital cameras, before lightweight stuff was invented, before packrafts ...... we were one of the few pioneers to through hike from Cameroun, AZ and out to Desert View in GCNP. Very few places to get out.

Image 0001.jpg Image 0008.jpg Image 0011.jpg Image 0015.jpg Image 0026.jpg Image 0029.jpg Image 0036.jpg Image 0038.jpg Image 0040.jpg Image 0042.jpg Image 0043.jpg Image 0044.jpg Image 0045.jpg Image 0046.jpg Image 0050.jpg Image 0051.jpg Image 0054.jpg Image 0055.jpg
what was your experience with quick sand on that trip @Bob . are the rafts necessary at any points, or just convenient. what month did you guys hike.

thanks a lot for posting these.
No quicksand encountered. Below Blue Springs rafts are nice, I guess you could swim. Like the 2nd week of June. Timing is critical for water, before the potholes dry up. Permanent water is really bad..... typical of desert canyons. Boiling and letting it sit overnite cures most.
so there are places where it's impossible to travel without swimming?