Late March 2013 trip to White Pocket, North and South Coyote Buttes


Jan 13, 2013
Hi there,

Thanks to all on this forum who provided information for this photo trip from the UK.

By and large we had great weather for photography and we came out with a lot of 'keepers'!!

This area packs a serious punch and I will never forget any of it! It was certainly worth the long haul flight to experience!!!

Some comments about the trip...

1. we stayed in Page during the visit and used Steve Dodson from the Paria Outpost as our guide to White Pocket and South Coyote Buttes. He is a top notch guide and great all round person. he knows the area like the back of his hand and I would strongly recommend him for all of those who dont have 4wd experience on VERY sandy 'roads'

2. White POcket is strongly likely to go the way of permits being required in the near to mid term future... Probably a good thing...

3. We had a BLM ranger visit the Wave during our day there. Bottom line is that they do check and they DO issue fines... Do NOT go in there without a permit... It was a magnificent day as you will see in the pics and there were only about 12 or so people at The Wave... Strange and rather sad when you consider how hard people try to get there!

4. South Coyote Buttes is an amazing place to visit!! Every bit as good as the North ( with the exception of the Wave ) and with the most amazing colours! We also had a sunset to die for!

Enjoy the pics :

here you go... Enjoy!

White Pocket Flickr Set
North Coyote Buttes Flickr Set
South Coyote Buttes Flickr Set

Thanks for everything!

Getting to see these 3 amazing formations in one trip is a total coup. You're very lucky to pull this off. Very nice job on the photos. Love the light at S Coyote.
I plan on being at both S Coyote and White Pocket in about a month. Upper Buckskin too. Nicely done!!