Jemez River, Las Conchas Trail and Beyond

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My Feet Hurt
Oct 24, 2012
Despite my passionate love of all things desert, this beautiful mountain trail is my favorite New Mexico hike so far. The parking lot was full when we arrived, but several of the visitors were rock climbing near the trailhead. We saw people regularly on the trail, but it wasn't packed. I've heard it can get a bit crowded on weekends. After the trail ends, things are much lonelier. There's not much elevation change to speak of on the trail itself, but if you choose to continue downriver after the trail stops, it gets sketchy.

Here are some pictures from the trail:

Trail Entrance.jpg

caught on the wrong side of the creek.jpg

rock garden.jpg

We saw one very happy cow. She was able to produce a prodigious amount of poo on the trail, or maybe there were others lurking nearby.

very happy.jpg



maybe a cave.jpg

At the end of the trail, the river slots up and getting wet is required. I changed into my water shoes and off we went.

end of the beginning.jpg

drop off.jpg




arch close up.jpg

slow falls.jpg


We made it a little over a mile before we had to turn around for time. The bit we did required some wet scrambling and would have been much easier with a rope. I'm not sure how much farther we could have gone without equipment, but I'm going to find out one of these days.
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