new mexico

  1. mattvogt7

    Rio Grande

    Bleary eyed and sleep deprived we tack south. Passing through the concrete slum of El Paso day turns to night and back to day until on the horizon the Chisos pierce the sky spilling thick shadows onto the desert. Pulling into an unsigned turnout we arrive at our launch spot. I can...

    Bisti Badlands 3/2015

    I've been unable to do much for over a month with a severely pulled hamstring which has left my entire leg down to my toes black and blue. Doc said it would be good to keep moving as opposed to just laying around with my leg elevated. And as long as I kept dosed up with Naproxin and / or...
  3. uintahiker

    Carlsbad Caverns

    Time for another trip report. I've been slacking lately. As usual, crossposted from my blog. The Natural Entrance Our Spring Break trip to Carlsbad was pretty awesome. I can't say it was epic, because nobody died. But it was a great experience. After hiking Guadalupe Peak overnight, I was a...
  4. John Fowler

    Road Trip!

    On Sunday, May 6, my wife Jo and I picked up ladigue_99 (henceforth known as Ladigue) at the Albuquerque airport. She was arriving from Italy for a two-week journey through the southwest. Jo accompanied us for the first leg of the trip, to White Sands, and then departed for her own adventure in...

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